2 Characteristics of Terrific Tenants

2 Characteristics of Terrific Tenants

More and more people are renting nowadays. Whether they like the freedom from having to maintain a yard or enjoy a cozier environment for themselves, redeveloping an apartment with Taylor Equities is a good investment. It provides a steady stream of income for investors. Steven Taylor Taylor Equities can help you craft a building of your dreams in a hot-rental market, but getting the units filled isn’t always the easiest feat. As you start signing leases, here are two qualities you should keep your eyes peeled for in renters.

1. Stability

The last thing you want to do as a landlord is have unstable renters who move in and are back out a few months later. This disrupts your consistency and leaves spaces vacant that you need filled. Check in with a prospective renter to see about their job stability, previous rental agreements and other long-term commitments. You can ask for contact information of previous landlords to get their perspective on how they were as a renter. Finding someone who’s ready for the financial and lifestyle commitment of your unit is key to signing with someone who will be there for a long-term lease.

2. Good Character

This one comes down to your own judgment and ability to read people when you meet them. When sitting down with a prospective tenant, get to know them and see if they seem like a good person. If something feels off or doesn’t mesh with your philosophy or sixth sense, you should trust that feeling. While you have to follow the law in terms of rental agreements, you do have the final say in who’s living in your building, and judging character is a good indicator of whether or not to accept a tenant.

Apartments are cool places because so many people come together in close quarters and become somewhat like a family. In order to keep your “family” unit functioning, finding the best tenants is something to strive for.

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