3 Secrets to Gain More Pool Service Customers

Most people call whenever they’re making bigger ticket decisions like repair, weekly pool service, or replacement liners. However, today’s digital world has seen more companies adopt more efficient pool management software like those from PoolOfficeManager.com. Still, most experienced pool companies would prefer a call over online scheduling. Even then, pool service companies should evaluate their marketing programs based on how many high-quality phone calls are coming to their business.

Rethink your marketing approach.

It’s easy getting stuck doing things the same way. So, if you think that this is your situation, here are some questions you could ask yourself:

  • Is your message reaching the most qualified prospective clients?
  • Are you sending the most effective marketing messages?
  • Are you generating and tracking phone calls then measuring the results?

Also, the use of new and affordable tools such as Pool Office Manager can help you generate data needed in conversation analysis, call tracking, and prospect targeting. This, in turn, helps you evaluate and improve your marketing programs in ways that increase the odds of you getting more weekly pool management business.

Reach the right prospects

Reaching the right audience with your advertising messages is important in attracting more clients. When your message does not reach a qualified prospect then there’s no chance for them to respond. Besides, advertising to unqualified prospects is a waste of money and valuable time. Despite this, if you advertise today, the three likely categories to target for weekly service include:

  1. Qualified and Existing Pool Owners Not On your Weekly Service – These are existing pool owners with sufficient home worthiness as well as discretionary income to fund pool services.
  2. Existing Pool Owners already on Weekly Service – This is a group of existing pool owners who already use weekly service and may be considering switching to another service company.
  3. New Pool Owners – These are prospective new pool owners and new pool owners with sufficient home worthiness as well as discretionary income. Also, they may be considering having weekly pool services.

The three categories are the groups you’re trying to reach using whatever marketing approach you choose. Your marketing tools can include blogs, websites, online advertising, broadcast media such as radio, direct mail, outdoor signage, word-of-mouth, or print media like local newspapers. Therefore, make sure you are aware of how many of these prospective clients are reached by each marketing method used.

Generate qualified phone calls

The advancements in the digital world have seen huge changes to the pool service industry thanks to the adoption of technology in pool management. Today, more companies are including technology in running their business which means communication with their clients can happen through many channels. Yet there are pool service companies who prefer a call when it comes to bringing in more weekly pool service jobs. Regardless of the approach, always ensure that your marketing strategy is designed to generate as well as measure qualified prospective phone calls.

Overall, pool service companies understand that new customers are important to their success. And whether you plan to increase your weekly pool service clients or simply want to grow your opportunities for repair jobs, note that new clients must be cultivated.

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