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3 Things To Think About When Selecting A Franchise Cleaning Company

A franchise can be purchased by individuals for many reasons. They may be looking for greater flexibility, financial benefits, the opportunity to give back to their community, pursue a dream, or to achieve financial success. It’s easy to invest in a franchise cleaning business. With the option of an owner-operator franchise, you can become a cleaner operative or manage a team. Have a look at Dublcheck Cleaning for one of the best we’ve found. Below are 3 questions to consider.

  1. How do you hire staff?

The entire world was in panic mode when the COVID pandemic struck. Companies laid off staff and required people to work remotely. No one could predict when this would happen. This was a major problem in the cleaning industry as many cleaners are self-employed, and depend on agencies for work. Many were left without a steady income and unsure if they could afford to survive. Dublcheck employs its staff so that we can furlough cleaners when necessary. Dublcheck staff were assured that they would have an income source and, most importantly, a job they could return to. We haven’t lost any staff members who were looking for work elsewhere, even if they had been eligible for financial assistance through the furlough program. While cleaning staff working under fair wages may result in lower profits, brands such as ours enjoy a stable workforce and lower overall recruitment costs.

  1. Are they a part of an accredited trade organization?

Many potential franchisees find it a great way to boost their confidence by becoming a part of a sector alliance. Many members are expected to adhere to specific guidelines and strive for better practices in the industry. Dublcheck is a member of Domestic Cleaning Alliance. I also serve as an advisor in a special role that helps to improve standards within the sector. As both a franchisee and franchisor of Dublcheck, I felt it was my responsibility to join the panel. It includes solo cleaners as well as independent cleaning companies. Dublcheck franchisees work together for the betterment of the industry. They are grateful for any knowledge passed on to them, and also for making suggestions for me to use.

  1. Are they members of a franchise association

A franchise association will include most franchises that you see today. They are similar to the trade organization and hold franchisors accountable to certain standards. Dublcheck was a founding member in good standing of the British Franchise Association. We also have the fastest membership growth, with only 10 days to attain full member status. These questions will help you choose the right cleaning franchise. Dublcheck believes that a strong partnership with staff and a quality system will result in outstanding client service. Although our franchisees are able to make a living as management, they will tell you that they love Dublcheck for the family-like community and work-life balance.