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5 Signs You Need a Tree Service: What to Look for in Your Trees

A thriving yard filled with beautiful trees not only adds to the aesthetic value of your property but also provides many benefits, such as increased oxygen levels, climate moderation, and wildlife habitat. However, to ensure the health and safety of the trees, it is crucial that they receive proper care and maintenance. In this article, we will discuss five signs that indicate you need a tree service in Alpharetta and key factors to consider when selecting a professional tree service provider.

Sign 1: Dead or Dying Branches

If you notice that some branches on your tree have no leaves, even during the growing season, it could be a sign that they are dead or dying. Dead and dying branches can pose a significant safety hazard as they can fall off without warning, damaging property or harming people or wildlife. It’s essential to have these branches removed promptly.

Sign 2: Leaning Trees

While trees are seldom perfectly straight, a tree that leans excessively may be unstable and at risk of falling. If the tree is leaning more than 15 degrees from vertical, scheduling professional tree removal might be necessary. Leaning trees can be caused by root issues, disease, or structural damage and should be addressed immediately to prevent accidents.

Sign 3: Mushroom Growth at the Base

Mushroom growth at the base of a tree can indicate decay and may be a sign of root rot. If you see mushrooms on your tree or smell a foul odor near the base, contact a tree service expert to assess the situation and provide the proper course of action.

Sign 4: Damaged Roots

Damaged roots can severely impair the overall health of a tree. Signs of root damage might include discolored or wilting leaves, dieback in the crown, or a thinned canopy. Heavy construction or landscaping near the tree can also cause root damage. Seek professional help if you suspect your tree’s roots are damaged.

Sign 5: Pest Infestation

Some pests can severely damage or even kill trees. If you notice an unusually large number of insects on or around your tree, you may need to consult a tree service professional to address the issue and maintain the health of your tree. You may also check out this blog to learn the things to look for when hiring a professional tree service provider. This way, you can ensure that your tree service provider has the necessary skills and experience to handle any pest or disease issues effectively.

To Conclude

Paying attention to the signs mentioned above can help you identify when it is time to seek the assistance of a tree service expert. Regular tree maintenance is essential to keep your trees healthy, safe, and beautiful. Always seek professional tree care services that can provide the necessary expertise while adhering to safety standards.