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Errol Vas: 2021 Global Marketing Trends

2021 Global Marketing Trends

With the uncertainty brought forth with COVID-19, consumers are looking for help, direction and connections. Trusted brands help consumers navigate the path forward and are performing well in the marketplace. But the brand leaders of the past are not necessarily the leaders of the future. Make room in the market for yourself and your product!

This year’s global marketing trends help executives break through the wall of uncertainty and strengthen the connection we all crave. These trends are:


Customers know what their values are, and actively seek businesses who align with them. As customers work with businesses that share their values, companies that act with purpose are more positioned for success. They are able to respond more quickly in times of uncertainty. They can turn tough decisions into simple choices because they know how to invest, how to engage their employees and how to meet the needs of stakeholders.


The current environment has tested business models in unprecedented ways and made clear that agility is a crucial, cultural mindset for organizations. Digital technologies can empower organizations to respond more nimbly when rapid changes in customer expectations and market needs collide. It is now more important than ever to accelerate investments in those technologies.

Human Experience: 

As our world becomes more enabled by technology, people are easily reduced to an email address, a social media interaction or an order shipped in a box. By deepening their understanding of their customers, employees, and stakeholders, companies can create tools, solutions and devices that make lives better.


Trust takes years to build, yet only seconds to destroy. Trust is built on a brand’s promise and the delivery of their product or service. Even in the most turbulent of times, when delivery meets expectations, brands build trust. When the gap between messaging and delivery widens, trust breaks down and reputation suffers.


Customers are interacting with brands more than ever before, from a simple product review to co-creating content. With engagement now a two-way street, companies are thinking about customers strategically, as brand ambassadors, influencers, collaborators, and innovators in their engagement strategies. Companies are tapping into this passion to broaden their focus for more collaborative engagement with customers.


Organizations can better help the people they serve by creating innovative experiences through cross-industry partnerships. Fusion represents the art of bringing together new business partnerships, customer insights, and digital platforms to create ecosystems that more holistically address human needs.


As the pandemic shifted ways of working and impacted budgets and even headcount, marketing organizations have focused on ways to make their most valuable asset, their talent, a strategic force. Technologies like AI liberate marketers from mundane, tactical execution freeing them to innovate and generate the big, creative ideas.

2021 has changed nearly all aspects of daily life, including marketing. The last year has really highlighted the need for flexibility in all parts of business. Staying up  to date on changing and emerging trends is crucial for your business’ survival.

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