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How Content Marketing Can Help a SaaS Business Grow To New Heights

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Growing a SaaS business to a sustainable amount of users is a difficult proposition. As SaaS becomes a more and more dominant part of overall software sales, larger companies have increasingly made many of their software available via SaaS subscriptions. This means that they have used many of the same marketing tactics to do this as bit players in SaaS have, which makes the barrier to entry higher for nascent SaaS companies.

Some of the big players in the SaaS space that you need to keep in mind are companies like Salesforce, Hubspot, and Adobe. Even more legacy technology companies such as Microsoft have gotten involved in SaaS with products like Microsoft 365. However, keep in mind that you are not always going to be directly competing with these types of companies. In fact, a good SaaS content marketing strategy allows companies to carve out their own niche and use their content to either slice off a targeted market share of a larger SaaS company or go after an undeserved niche altogether.

However, the biggest challenge with this is not just to target these customers correctly, but also to convince them that software will be the solution to their problems. When creating strategies to convince potential users to try out your software, you need to identify the pain points that they are experiencing. You then need to offer your SaaS solution as an actual solution to their pain points. As a SaaS business, you are not only trying to educate your potential customers, but you are also trying to empathize with their pain points in a way that suggest that you intuitively understand their issues.

For many SaaS companies, that means niching down. A CRM is great, but a targeted CRM that is specifically for construction management companies may understand construction in a way that a more generalized CRM company may not. This can include building out specific features and then touting them in content, which can help to slice off a niche of targeted customers from a larger CRM company such as Hubspot or Zoho CRM. 

To do this, your SaaS company can’t just pump out a high amount of generic content. Instead, they’ll actually have to create content that is informative and helpful, and that also is targeted toward a content distribution platform. For example, if your SaaS company wants to use SEO as its primary content distribution strategy, then long-form articles that target a specific keyword or keyword group is your best bet. You can even create specific chapters that address subsets of issues that your SaaS company works to solve, and make these individual chapters rank for target keywords.

Overall, SaaS companies need to work overtime to attract customers through content marketing. They need to be able to meet customers where they are at, and use targeted content and a quality content distribution strategy in order to attract customers. Doing so will help SaaS companies better serve their target audience and ultimately help them to better build out features for their SaaS offering that is in line with their content marketing efforts.