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How Does an SEO Audit Work?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a complicated subject all on its own. For this article, we’re going to assume that you have a basic understanding of how SEO works. Our focus today is on SEO auditing.

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What is SEO auditing? Its primary purpose is to discover why you are not gaining the search traffic that you should be. You will carefully examine your piece of content, website, or whatever you need to be audited to determine where the holes in your planning are.

The audit will give you results that explain the overall performance of that page or website. This allows you to easily correct and enhance your SEO scheme to further improve your traffic generation.

It doesn’t sound that complicated. You might be surprised how many online entrepreneurs do not do it, however. Without SEO auditing, you will never reach the maximum potential possible for that piece of content.

SEO Auditing Checklist

When doing a manual SEO audit, there are six main things you need to check:

  1.       Do you have meta titles and descriptions?
  2.       Have you made appropriate use of keywords? (Neither too many nor too few)
  3.       Is the URL simple and optimized for strong search engines?
  4.       Have you followed SEO formatting for the main pages?
  5.       Have you remembered to include keywords and ALT tags in your pictures?
  6.       Do you have a strong link-building strategy?

There are two ways to find the answers to all these questions. You can either check them manually, assuming you know how, or you can use an SEO auditing tool to check them for you. Doing it manually has the advantage that you can easily correct the issues as you go. However, it takes a lot more energy and skill than using a tool.

SEO auditing tools are extremely handy as they find and fix problems for you. However, there are times when these tools change something that you didn’t want to be changed, so it is still good to double-check with your own eyes.

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Happy SEO auditing!