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Joey Horn Joins Nalini Malani on the Quest for Equality and Empowerment

Throughout the world, women across the globe continue to face contention, inequalities, and hardships. Females are continually uplifting each other to obtain equality, marginalized group empowerment, social justice, and a humane community while struggling to win all privileges and rights. Joey Horn is a philanthropist who had committed her resources and time to win such causes through engagement in several nonprofit foundations.

Nalini Malani, an innovative contemporary artist, has devoted her expression through art to tell conventionally marginalized individuals’ narratives and works to facilitate understanding and education. Although the two of the inspirational women emerge from widely diverse backgrounds. These females are interconnected via a mutual dedication to humanity, philanthropy, and empowerment.

What You Need to Know About Joey Horn

Joey Horn is the existing Oak Management’s Managing Director. Oak Management is a renowned private investment management firm. Culminating in this role, quadrilingual Joey Horn has acquired corporate leadership experience thanks to past tasks at New York’s Credit Suisse First Boston as Investment Banker. Back in Oslo, she served as an advisor at Boston Consulting Group.

She got her undergraduate and MBA from the famous Williams College and Harvard Business School. Her professional pursuits have earned the philanthropist a wide variety of cultural experience through residency in Singapore, London, Oslo, Paris, and New York.

The Background of Nalini Malani

Nalini Malani is a globally recognized modern artist. Her primary focus is drawing and painting with an extended interest in portfolio expansion through animation, film, and video. The artist is famous for taking her work beyond the targeted medium, leading to shadow play, multi-projection works, and broad range installations. The result of Nalini Malani has appeared across famous global museums such as the popular Stedelijk Museum and Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.

In 2013, she got the prestigious Fukuoka Arts and Culture Prize. In the same year, the artist earned the National Gallery Contemporary Fellowship for the first time, a move financed by Art Fund. Nalini Malani was born in 1946 in India and saw first-hand the cruelty of social injustice and discrimination based on class, gender, and other bases in the state.

Being a social activist and an artist, she takes advantage of her network to develop art that speaks to such subjects, propels social change, and incites conversation. Nalini Malani plans to start up a conversation about marginalized groups through her art, struggling for their representation.

Women Uplifting Women in Society

For these two women, empowering and motivating other women has fostered a battle cry. Making the most of their resources and unique skills, Nalini Malani and Joey Horn have fought to offer visibility, resources, equal rights, and opportunities for those inadequately represented. Joey Horn has assisted several women via her active role in the global foundation Mothers2Mothers, which was founded to bring an end to HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa. The organization aimed at achieving its mission through dispelling resources, opportunities, and information to women.

Mothers2Mothers recruits local HIV positive females in different neighborhoods to serve as Mentor Mothers. Such women go from door to door to offer support, education, and mentorship to other community members within medical settings. Mentor mothers provide resources that can save the lives of children and other women in society. They profit from meaningful work and regular income and inspire and increase domestic wealth, forward-thinking, and welfare.

Bottom Line

Since its start in 2001, the presence of Mothers2Mothers in sub-Saharan Africa has helped more than 11 million women. The direct participation of Joey Horn in supporting and offering finances for the foundation has been helpful to countless women. It has driven Joey Horn to make the most of her network to proceed to fuel the efforts of this women-focused group.