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Perfect Online Loan As Per Your Requirement

A lot of companies provide personal and social loans. You can contact us for a personal loan if, for certain reasons, you cannot borrow money from a regular bank, for example through a registration.

Personal situation as a starting point

They look at personal situations slightly differently. For example, age or a registration with them does not have to be a point for online loans no credit check.

Personal loan

They provide loans to people who cannot borrow from regular banks or other lenders. The amounts borrowed are usually lower. We think it is important to give people in this category the opportunity to borrow money.

You can request a personal loan from us when you are 18 years or older and, for example, one of the situations below applies to you:

  • You earn no more than 130% of the minimum wage
  • You have a negative coding with the Dutch Bureau for Credit Registration
  • You can (demonstrably) not get a loan from a commercial bank
  • You have debts that you want to refinance
  • We will then assess whether you can obtain a loan from us.

The term is fixed with a personal loan. You pay a fixed amount of interest and repayment during a pre-agreed number of months. The interest remains the same during the term of the loan.

Social loans

We also offer social loans. A social loan is a provision for municipal special assistance. This means that your municipality first checks whether you are eligible for a social loan. For this, your income may not exceed 130% of the minimum wage. The municipality determines the rules for these loans, and the municipality guarantees the loan. We use an interest rate that is set by the municipality for a social loan.

Your municipality determines whether you can apply for a social loan. If you qualify for a social loan, you apply for the loan through the municipality.

This type of loan has a fixed term, monthly repayments laid down in a repayment table and a predetermined rate, making it a safe financing solution that will not surprise you. You know from the start of the loan you are committing to and you remain in full control of your budget.

Unlike a revolving credit, a personal loan is not reusable and cannot be adjusted. Once the conditions of the contract have been established (amount to be borrowed, monthly repayment and term), it is no longer possible to change them. For example, you cannot increase the amount originally loaned and you cannot reuse repaid repayments.

What is an answer in principle?

After your online credit application you will immediately receive a fundamental answer. It is merely a matter of mutual consent to the terms of the credit granted. However, the principle response has no official value that is binding, it is a necessary step in the run-up to the acceptance of your file. The credit application submitted is therefore indeed carefully examined by our Acceptance Service, which analyzes the evidence and confirms any agreement before the contract is concluded.