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Shipping Agent Inchcape Takes Acquisition Deal with V. Group

A shipping agent serves in the interest of ship managers, charters, and ship owners, to make sure that all services, port activities, and crew changes are undertaken seamlessly. Services include bunker calls, full cargo agency, financial management, dry-docking, crew logistics and husbandry, inspection, and survey. An agent’s role is to ensure that all immigration, customs, and port authority documentation is factored in before the arrival of the ship.

The charter owner funds Inchcape Shipping Services and ensures everything is supported, including booking pilots at the ship’s arrival. They make sure there is payment for any port dues and any other arrears.

Exploring the Roles of a Shipping Agent

If there are delays or any emerging issues for whatever reason, Inchcape Shipping Services attempts to straighten things out while maintaining frequent communication with the appointer or owner. A ship is immediately on its way; the agent sends a timetable known as a statement of effects showing all happenings. In case insufficient oil space onshore caused a delay, the company keeps a record of this as it probably owes demurrage. It is a fee payable by the shipping agent to the chartered ship owner due to ship discharge failure in the agreed timeline.

Due to the demurrage possibility, Inchcape Shipping Services relies on its security services. These services are more secure than those provided by smaller agents who likely have no money to fall back on as a solution.

Forging a Business Partnership

Inchcape Shipping Services is an international leader in marine and port agency services. The agency announced its acquisition plans of the global port agency firm, V.Ship. In another contact, V.Group purchased Global Marine Travel from Inchcape Shipping Services. The purchase of V.Ships Agency firm develops an alliance between the largest ship manager and top port agent worldwide. Inchcape Shipping Services provides a wide range of agency services to the clients of V.Ships Agency throughout its unmatched international network.

Inchape Shipping Services CEO Frank Olsen was delighted with this acquisition strategy and believed that it enabled his agency to value its clients. It is through this partnership that Inchcape Shipping Services could deliver improved service using its extensive network. The basis of all operations at the agency is founded on scale, transparency, and compliance.

He said that V.Group believes in understanding the scale benefit to its customers. The client base profits from its focus on maritime services. For this reason, Inchcape Shipping Services is excited about the partnership and its role in achieving a smarter, smoother ocean.

Provisions at Inchcape Shipping Services

Inchcape Shipping Services maintains an updated database with berths and corporate port via World of Ports. The system gives firms an all-inclusive global port, berth, and terminal marine guarantee tool to assist in vessel-to-berth’s compatibility process. All berths and ports are geofenced and then connected to the Automatic Identification System (AIS) data. It offers visibility over berth availability, port congestion, and vessel movements.

Mixing the operational information from the Optic system with the World of Ports data allows ship operators to acquire a specific overview of cargo, vessels, and ports status. It facilitates call optimization and improved voyage planning. ISS CEO Frank Olsen points out the significant effects on the vessel steam’s fast rate to the available port. Such crucial decisions improve voyage profitability and reduce emissions.

The Takeaway

Tech will support transparency during the coming days of the shipping industry. Access to live data gives power and monitoring control to the vessel operators, developing trust and enhanced cooperation with the port’s agents. Decreasing costs will remain a crucial part of shipping and so will the ability to inspire operational efficiencies. Unprecedented information availability will become a significant differentiator.