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Tips To Optimise Your Office Spaces

Your office is like your second home for many of you, given the number of hours you have to spend there to prepare your files and submit them to your boss. In earlier times, life was less complicated, and the workload was not as much as we have today; hence, people used to spend only a few hours in the office.

But with huge piles of work overloading on our shoulders and shorter deadlines, sometimes you tend to spend more time in the office than at your home. Some of you may not also enjoy the luxury of weekends given the work pressure you are under.

In such circumstances, every employee or an employer would want that the comforts of your house, which you all are missing out on, to be experienced at the workspace.

The offices that you see today are much different than the ones that you would have come across even in the late 90s. In today’s time, an office caters to the professional and the personal needs of the employees.

One such prime example of this would be the crèche system that has been incorporated by many corporate and multi-national companies or even small businesses. You all have come across women who had to bid farewell to their professional life because they had to take care of their baby at home or are simply having a tough time juggling both, mainly when she is a single mother.

To solve such a common issue, each office branch of a company has opened up a crèche to provide help to the working mothers. They have also hired individuals experienced in handling babies to work without stressing much about their child.

Why Is It Important To Optimise The Workspace?

The question that might pop in your head is why it is necessary to optimize your workspace. The answer is not very complicated; in fact, it focuses more on the mental well-being of the employees and employers.

Spending so much time at work can tax you all out, and staying at an office that is always cramped up with people and huge desks, no proper ventilation, files being scattered everywhere, etc., can take a toll on your mental health.

Moreover, all of this can affect your professional work and make you less productive in your office settings.

Thus, optimizing your workspace is essential because it restores productivity in the atmosphere and ensures that you can enjoy comfort in doing your work at your office. It helps you to focus on your work and not get distracted easily.

Tips On How To Optimise Your Office Space

  1. De-cluttering the Floors and Tables

You are required to take baby steps in optimizing your workspace, and for that, you need to de-clutter your workspace. This can be done by removing unnecessary objects from your workspace. You might find an old computer on an old desk being stacked up in a corner, covered with layers of dust. Remove it and instead use that space for something else.

To de-clutter your office space, it is essential to get proper storage facilities where you can stack up the excess yet essential files rather than having them scattered here and there. This tidies up your office, makes space but also assists you in finding the correct file during an emergency quickly.


  1. Colour Theory

This is definitely a 21st-century theory but has been in existence for a long time without any name attached. Time and again, research has proved that different colors affect the human brain in different ways.

Therefore, color theory has been adopted by many offices and companies so that it can induce productivity and can improve one’s performance, and enhance creativity.

That’s why you will come across many offices with white walls with colorful accessories or desks to enhance the workers’ productivity, creativity, and performance.

  1. Tips for Green Office Space

The world is going through an environmental crisis, and there is a worldwide appeal to resort to green and sustainable items and ditch plastics and other such items for good.

This also applies to your workspace, and this article will provide you with some essential tips on how you can make your office space a green office space.

Firstly, start cleaning your office space regularly using green products that are not harmful to the environment and ask your staff to ditch the paper cups and stick to mugs and proper cups.

Secondly, plant some plants in your office space. If you have a balcony attached to your office space, and then fills it with plants. People can take short breaks and take some fresh air and be with nature even without leaving the office space.

Thirdly, use recycled paper, which is readily available in the market. And also save paper by sending emails to employees regarding essential notices, rather than printing the same and sticking it on the boards.

Last but not least, when it comes to making storage space, get rid of plastic storage and instead in some good quality wooden furniture. If you have some old wooden desks lying around in your office, or any other wooden furniture, recycle it to create a brand new wooden storage space.

  1. Proper Ventilation

The good thing with Singapore Office Planning is that every office has proper ventilation. While air-conditioners are the new norm, it is also vital for natural air to enter the workspace. Living in a closed air-conditioned room for long hours can have significant adverse effects on the health of the staff.

Moreover, lack of ventilation can harm the physical health of the staff and make the staff irritable, less productive, and thereby impeded in the work-life of everyone.


You are no longer living in the 20th century where an office should look like an office covered with desks and chairs strewn all over the place. It is necessary to bring in the element of comfort in your workspace, and hence that is the reason why you should optimize your workspace by following the above tips!