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What are Over-Dimensional or Oversize Loads?

Big loads, over-dimensional loads, or huge loads are deliveries with dimensions and/or weight that go beyond lawful limits and need special devices, as well as allow for delivery. In some cases, they’re additionally described as “superloads.” Over-dimensional or OD loads have to be non-divisible, which suggests that they cannot be taken apart or minimized in dimension, and delivered as separate regular, lawful loads.

These two terms are usually utilized reciprocally due to the fact that a lot of times an oversized freight shipping load is also a hefty haul, but not always.

What sort of loads are shipped as heavy haul/oversize loads?

Industrial shipments, and manufacturing equipment, such as big machinery, as well as cars, are usually delivered as OD loads or hefty hauls.

What are the needs for delivering oversize loads/heavy hauls?

Before shipping heavy haul, you need to get all the needed licenses. Every state has different laws and constraints if it comes to delivering oversize loads, and a few of the US states also differ between counties. If you’re shipping throughout rural lines or states, you require to get authorizations in each of those territories.

Getting authorizations may occupy several weeks. The rule is: the bigger the delivery is, the more time it’s most likely to require to get an authorization.

Obtaining the right permits is a vital step, as not having licenses or having the wrong ones can cost you plenty of money and time.

Take these points into account when delivering oversize/heavy haul loads:

  • Are support vehicles needed, such as chase vehicles, pilot autos, or pail trucks, vehicles that move above cable?
  • Is there any kind of bridges or train tracks on the course?
  • Is there any kind of building and construction zones on the route?
  • What is the climate most likely to be like throughout the delivery duration?
  • What are the kinds of trucks that can ship oversize/heavy haul shipments?
  • How many days is the shipment most likely to take? In most cases, OD loads are able to only be delivered throughout the daytime.

Four main trailer kinds are there for delivering heavy haul/ huge loads:

  • Flatbed trailer
  • Drop deck, lowboy or step-deck, trailer
  • Level shelf trailer
  • Gooseneck trailer

What is a flatbed trailer?

A flatbed trailer is a type of trailer with a completely flatbed, without any roof or sides, allowing for less complicated loading/unloading of deliveries.