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What are precision marketing services? 

Precision marketing services aim to enhance brand loyalty and influence consumers’ buying behavior. More importantly, precision marketing doesn’t focus on creating persuasive ads. Rather, it works by creating gimmicks, deals, and offers to allure existing consumers.  To achieve this factor, precision marketing depends on the segmentation of the market, whereby the market is broken down into small blocks that aim to fulfill the unique needs of each consumer. Market segments are broad and specific. For example, when a market segment tends to attract women consumers, it can also consist of segments that can fulfill the interests of unmarried women aged fifty or above. Market segmentation is carried out after gathering data related to consumer behavior. For example, a few grocery stores track consumers’ demographic data and everything they purchase while offering discount cards and savings to their consumers.

Similarly, online retailers are more likely to enquire about a consumer’s age, location, personal preferences, and sex when they register with a store or retail chain. This data is preserved within vast databases and can be evaluated by various marketing departments. As a result, marketing departments can get a better insight into their consumers’ identities and preferences. Companies use this data to develop loyalty programs for alluring the existing consumers. These loyalty programs can range from special treatment, free merchandise to offering exclusive products. The offers aim to make consumers feel worthy and acknowledged. A company that successfully offers exemplary consumer experience regularly is more likely to witness its return. 

Who deploys precision marketing?

Companies of different sizes are willing to create a loyal consumer base. Suppose a minor sandwich shop implements a punch card to track the number of times consumers eat there. So, after consuming five sandwiches, the customer can obtain the sixth one at zero cost. These affordable, effective, and easy marketing strategies instill flexibility into the precision marketing strategy. However, a large company with a broad product line is highly interested in implementing a comprehensive and flexible precision marketing strategy. 

Usually, competition amidst the companies operating within the travel, hospitality, and retail sectors is fierce, and these sectors can thrive using precision marketing strategies wisely. These companies often invest significant money and resources to gather consumer data, analyze data, and utilize it to provide deals and enticing offers to the existing consumers. 

How can a precision marketing plan be developed?

Getting started with precision marketing services revolved around the idea of retaining consumers. It is accomplished by prioritizing consumer services and using diverse communication methods in the form of emails, direct mail, and Tweets. Next, the companies should communicate consistently and actively with their consumers. Obtaining feedback from consumers is a major part of precision marketing strategy. Besides, the precision marketing plans seek retailers or companies to promote loyalty schemes via consistent sales, reward programs, and special offers. The companies must offer new services and products to cope with the consumer’s everchanging demands. 

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