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 Why do most people prefer Domaine Fourrier wines?

Domaine Fourrier wines always have a good price-quality ratio and have very good answers to questions. General information about Domaine Fourrier, a summary of some of its more famous wines, and why the winery has become so successful. The wines, made by the skillful Jean-Marie Fourrier and his team, exude a rare elegance and purity. The distinctive label with the bunches of grapes has quickly made Domaine Fourrier wines among the most sought after in Burgundy.

Domaine Fourrier wines are typical of their origin and style, giving precedence to finesse. These Burgundies offer the best value. The Domaine Jean-Claude Fourrier is based in Gevrey-Chambertin, a small village of about 2,000 inhabitants that lies on the northern part of the Côte de Nuits. The family has been making wine for five generations, composed of Jean-Claude Fourrier and his wife, Annette, and their two daughters, Stéphanie and Sophie.

They own 8 1/2 hectares of vines in some of the best terroirs in Burgundy -3 1/2 ha in Gevrey Chambertin, and another 5 ha throughout other communes (Vosne Romanée). The vineyards are planted with 100% Pinot Noir and include several exceptional “climates”. But it’s not just their terroir that makes Domaine Fourrier wines so special. It’s their passion for wine, respect for nature, and sustainable farming that separates Fourier from all the rest.

Domaine Fourrier wines are clean and precise, with a beautiful expression of fruit. Based in Gevrey-Chambertin, the Domaine is committed to biodynamic practices. This is classic Burgundy not to be missed.

Gevrey Chambertin is known to produce wines that have power, depth, and richness that are unrivalled. Domaine Fourrier is one of Burgundy’s leading producers, but their wine stands above the rest due to the love and attention that goes into each bottle. Because they are from the same owner and winemaker (Fourier). Because they are made of grapes from the same vineyard. Because they are always cultivated with the same care and passion and because they are not affected by vintage variations. This is not a slogan but the simple truth of our brand’s history.

The wines produced by Online wine auction are different because he uses grapes that come from several plots, each with its grape variety. The final product is a blend of villages and parcels. The vines are growing on clay-limestone soil in the village of Vosne-Romanée

Tasting Notes: Black cherry, red rose, wild strawberry, and pear with hints of spice and toasted walnut. Pairs beautifully with coq au vin. My wines are very much terroir-driven and would be considered “traditional” in their style. The vines are tended biodynamically and the harvest (still done by hand) is from low-yielding vines grown on a mix of clay, sand, and limestone soils.

My preference is to use whole clusters for fermentation, which adds savoury and aromatic depth. Neutral oak barrels are used for ageing to allow the wine to speak of its place of origin without being influenced by the wood. I prefer to make wines that make you want another glass “because they taste good” rather than wines that make you stop after one sip “out of respect for their greatness.” In general, my wines are accessible young and also evolve quite well as they age, showcasing their terroir in different ways over time. The new world offers a more relaxed, modern style of wine. The old world represents traditional, historic wine-making. Old-world wines are made with a focus on terroir and are usually cellared before drinking. New-world wines often have fruitier flavors and are typically consumed earlier.