Diamond Sell and The Best Options for The Amateurs

Diamond Sell and The Best Options for The Amateurs

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A diamond you want to sell? Before any sales operation, some valuable recommendations should be known. Professionals help you get the most from the sale of your diamond.

Estimate a diamond before selling it

As a precious stone of excellence, a diamond contains in itself a very great value. If you have one in your possession, you have a treasure. Don’t give in on a whim. When you have decided to sell your diamond, it is important to plan everything. The sale of a diamond is not based on improvisation. First of all, you have to know how to appreciate its value. Thus, the estimation of a diamond is based on the appreciation of the main criteria that define its quality. If the watches have the costly stones, then you can opt for the Diamond buyers in Melbourne now.

Estimate the Weight

The weight of the diamond remains one of the determining criteria for the price of the precious stone. Expressed in carat (1ct = 0.20g), the mass of the gem is equal: Radius2 x Depth x 2.45%. There is an exponential relationship between the price of a diamond and its carat weight. As a guide, the prices of a 0.95ct diamond and a 1ct stone can differ considerably.

Check the Purity

The purity of a diamond expresses its quality to present inclusions (impurities). The less there is, the more the stone is pure, and the more its price increases (example of “Pure” diamonds under the microscope). Conversely, a pitted diamond has a low degree of clarity, which can weaken its value. Thus, the number and position of inclusions act on the value of a diamond.

Purity of Color

The color of the diamond also helps assess its value. There is the color scale, graduated from D (exceptional white +) to Z (Light Yellow for pronounced yellow). Diamonds ranked at the top of the scale are the most sought after and therefore the most expensive. As for colored diamonds, called “diamond fancy” (red, blue, green), they remain exceptionally expensive. Their price per carat can exceed two million dollars. A bristol sheet allows to know the color of a diamond. Professionals also use cookies. You can opt for the right selling tips you can get ample options online now.

The size of the diamond also helps define its value.

A diamond cut in the ideal proportions, so as to reflect the light correctly, will have an added value compared to a poorly proportioned diamond. Even if a question of taste remains, the brilliant-round cut remains the most famous of all, with its 57 facets.

In addition to the 4C diamond classification criteria, other factors can influence the price of a diamond. The degree of fluorescence affects the value of the stone. A total absence of fluorescence (Nil) remains the ideal. But in the face of very strong fluorescence, the price of diamonds can drop monumental. The latter is also defined by other characteristics of the gem (height, diameter, thickness, polish, finish).

When you want to sell a diamond, it must be accompanied by a gemological certificate, attesting to its general condition. This diamond identity card must have been issued by a reputable institution (GIA, IGI, HRD, etc.). The buyer of your diamond will often take into account the date of completion of the certificate.

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