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Close up of an offset printing machine during production

Different Types of Printing

There are a number of different types of printing processes available, each with their own unique uses. The following provides a brief overview of the most common types of printing.

The digital printing process uses a specialized printer such as uv flatbed printers to produce high quality offset-like prints directly from your digital files. The result is very high color accuracy, superior print quality and cost effectiveness compared to traditional offset printing.

There are several types of printing including:

Screen Printing – This form of printing is done on a flat bed press equipped with a screen plate that contains the image being printed. Ink is forced through the screen by a squeegee to transfer the image onto paper or another substrate like plastic film. Screen printing is used for smaller quantities and for special effects on textiles such as t-shirts and hats.

Screen printing is a very old method of printing which uses a stencil cut from a thin mesh to apply ink directly to the fabric. The mesh can be coated in different ways (with plastisol, emulsion or water-based inks) and is stretched tightly across a frame with a cloth hinge so that it will curve with the shape of the garment. The stencil is taped or stapled close to the shirt and ink is forced through it by squeezing the shirt onto a smooth hard surface, usually made from wood or hardboard.

Digital PrintingDigital printing is a great option if you are looking for short run prints or single-color images on your products. By using digital printing, you can create virtually any design, logo or image that you want! Not only that, but you will be able to use this type of printing method on a variety of different media. You may want to print on paper, cardboard, plastic or even metal—whatever your needs may be.


Digital printing is also a great option for those who want to produce products with more than one color. Since there is no need for special inks or materials with this method, you can have full color images printed onto your product without having to worry about any hassles! To know more about the Correx Board Printing, click on the link.


Offset printing: This process uses a combination of mechanical and chemical reproduction methods to print large quantities of high-quality prints at a reasonable cost. It is used in commercial printing applications such as newspapers and magazines.

Offset printing offers high quality prints with sharp details and rich colors. It’s also affordable and can be cost-effective for larger orders (printing costs per unit tend to decrease as the number of units being printed increases). However, it takes longer than other methods to print items (up to 5 days). In addition, it’s not always feasible for short runs.