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Discover The Main Types Of Boots To Wear In Winter

Winter is coming, and this is the perfect time to wear different types of boots! They are great allies to dribble the cold, maintaining style and elegance.

With the advancement of technology and design, the models available are many, and, most of the time, they even confuse those looking for this type of footwear. It is expected that people do not even know all types of boots in winter. If this is your case, don’t worry! We created this post thinking of you. Just keep following up to know the best options for winter boots. Here we go?

Colored Boots

Regardless of the model, colorful boots such as Thorogood work boots are in! This winter, colors like red and white are highlights. In addition to them, strong colors like blue, purple, and brown are also trending.

Short And Medium Ankle Boots

Short and medium ankle boots are ideal for everyday wear. They can be worn with shorts or pants, and are a good choice for different occasions. In addition to being fashionable, those who choose this type of boot guarantee comfort, especially if they are made of leather and have a not too high heel, around 6 cm.

Long Boots

A good option for those who live in a city that is quite cold, or for those women who want to go out in style. Long boots convey elegance and can be worn over pants, with pantyhose, and even with shorts.

Boots Style Boots

Boots never go out of style. They are very resistant comfortable and have an ordinarily medium shaft, which allows them to be worn over the pants.

Many people opt for this model because they find it stylish. It is also widely used on rainy days. With so many benefits, you’ve already seen that it’s an advantage to have this piece in the closet!

Thorogood Boots

Thorough boots are great for those who want to combine comfort and beauty, being an excellent option for when the occasion calls for more formal or tidy footwear. The nubuck material brings elegance while still offering comfort.