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Roysel markets for retailers

We view our reputation and credibility as precious commodities. And we will never take any actions or institute any policies that will damage the faith and trust our clients have in our order fulfillment business.

So, when Roysel commits to helping your retail business ramp up sales and fatten your profit margin while saving time and money, we are serious.

We will not just consult with you and leave you to figure out the steps to follow on your own. We will help you come up with a comprehensive plan and help you execute it.

Helping all retailers

It does not matter to Roysel who your target market is; it can be a b2b or a b2c relationship. We will work with you to deliver better service to your customers and realize massive cost savings.

We will use the technological innovations we have put in place and the efficiencies that come with these new processes to recast how you fulfill orders. Our goal is to:

  • Increase b2b and b2c sales and efficiency
  • Ensure compliance with retail regulations
  • Adopt processes that innovative and efficient
  • Help with branding sales and marketing
  • Take advantage of the efficiency and lower cost offered through the use of distributed warehousing.

How it works

Roysel makes it easy for retailers to partner with us. We also have protocols in place to assure the safety of the products they send to our facilities. LSR is the legal owner of

We you send up our inventory, we carefully inspect them for any damages and notify you we find any. We also check to make sure the product we receive from you matches its accompanying description.

Our next decision is to determine the appropriate storage condition for your product. That mean, if the product needs to be in a climate-controlled environment, we will keep it that setting. Our storage facility has climate-controlled storage space to protect the quality and usefulness of your product.

As part of our commitment to your business’s future, Roysel gives you access to keep an eye on the status of your products and to track it once a customer places and order. You will also be able to check inventory levels and sales history through your online account at any time. And we will also notify you.

Helping with decisions

We know there will be many decisions to make once a customer places an order to buy your product. Again, Roysel is here to assist you.

We will transfer the order request to our fulfillment area. There, our staff will select the product, pack it into a delivery container and prepare it for shipping to the customer.

While we do the heavy lifting, you can monitor the status as it is happening. And if you want to make order changes from your status board, our team will make the change. We will also notify your customer and answer questions about the order and its delivery status.

We have partnered with several carrier and shipping vendors who can handle the delivery of all your products. But you can choose the carrier and set the shipping speed. Whether the deliver is domestic or international, Roysel will handle it with commitment to help your business succeed.