Things to Consider When Choosing a Customs Clearance Firm 

Things to Consider When Choosing a Customs Clearance Firm 

Getting the goods cleared at customs is not a one man’s job. It has so many strict rules and laws that only a capable team of professionals at firms like Clearit Canada can handle the task. It’s a fairly simple task to hire this company to get your goods imported in Canada (even if you are a non resident importer) without worrying a thing about customs clearance. Have a look at the guide below for all the details. 

How to Register With Clearit? 

To begin with, you’ll have to make an account with them. Set up a login ID and a password. Once you have that done, the following things are needed. 

  1. Uploading The Shipment Details

The company is responsible for preparing and filing the documents at customs. For that, they need shipment details like:

  • The mode of import – air, ocean, courier, or truck.
  • The shipping reference number. 
  • Value of the cargo in Canadian dollars. 
  • Commercial invoice bill. 
  • The ITN number. 

These are the necessary details that will be needed to complete the documents. Whilst most of the information will be provided by your freight forwarder, what’s not included in it is the generation of the ITN number. And, as a matter of fact, an ITN number is required before the export can take place. 

This is one service that Clearit provides. They generate it for you. Besides, Clearit itn number comes at a small cost of $125 CAD only. 

  1. You’re Connected with a Personal Agent

There’s most likely a possibility that you might not have had all the required information while you were registering with the company. Which is why you are assigned with a personal agent who is responsible:

  • To remind you if there’s any pending document that you have to still upload. 
  • To make sure that the paperwork is complete before filing for clearance at customs. 
  1. The Clearance Takes Place

Once the documentation is completed and filed for and the freight arrives at customs, it’s checked for details and cleared. 

It will, however, depend upon your contract with your freight forwarder as to where the cleared consignment will be headed – stored at a warehouse or directly delivered to the customers. 

Why to Register With Clearit?

Now that you know how, you might also be wondering, why clearit? If that’s the case, have a look at the exclusive benefits – listed below – of choosing this company for customs clearance. 

  • They assign on site agents while the export is in progress. This is done to ensure that the goods aren’t damaged or tampered with at the time of export. 
  • They have an NRI program for non resident importers willing to expand their business in Canada. 
  • They charge monumentally low when compared to the industry rates. 
  • They have excellent customer support agents to resolve all your queries. 

All in all, it’s a good idea to hire customs clearance firms for smooth proceeding at the customs. 

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