Customer experience strategy is all about making a customer’s interaction with your business, not only transactional but also relational. While customer service is transactional only, customer experience means being there for your customer when they need you, with ease and consistency on their part and making their experience with you positive and meaningful.

According to Ariel Pfeffer, CEO of the Prospekta Global Marketing Company, user experience should be unmatched, memorable and addictive. Unmatched meaning that the experience that your customer gets should be exclusive. Memorable means that it should be unique while addictive means that if your customer has the same need, they won’t even think twice about coming back to you. So, what are these top-notch practices to enhance customer experience strategy?

By offering personalized services

Even though some services are general and do not provide an opportunity for personalization, you will end up with a more loyal customer if you personalize their experience with you.

Please pay attention to every small detail of your customer as you serve them and personalize any queries you pose to them.Ensure you avoid losing your potential customers through displaying information that is contextually irrelevant to their case and needs.

For instance, in a hotel business when a customer mentions a birthday party during reservation, you may walk over the table after service and wish them a happy birthday.

Adopt a user-centred design

Your website or user interface should be intuitive to meet the needs and expectations of your customer. This way, you are halfway in removing all other stumbling blocks along the journey to a compelling customer experience strategy.

With the growth of information technology, nowadays customers are more informed so you can automate your site to allow them to self serve before reaching out for help. It could be instrumental, especially during closed hours.

User-centred design helps you to know more about your customer’s needs which consequently helps you to provide optimal customer experience.

Understand and always remember your customer

If a customer has visited you before, remembering them when they come back improves their experience with you. Detailing your customer’s previous interactions is a sign of high regard for them, and it makes them come back again.

If your company is not the first one they have used with that particular service, learn how to improve their experience through market research. Find out the shortcomings and faults of the previous company and use it to enhance their experience. If they are visiting because of a problem or poor service, do not annoy them by asking too many questions and always show up before they ask.

Sync to social media

It is vital to follow customers where they are and provide them with convenience. A lot of people today are smartphone users; hence they use social media and spend time engaging online. There will be comments about your products, unresolved questions and tweets so ensure you sync website to record such valuable engagements to enhance their experiences.

A customer is always right, and when they decide its time to go social in the media, you have no option but to follow them there.

Final words

In the world of customer service and experience, it is best to anticipate your customer’s wants, needs and expectations. Train your agents on how to enhance customer experience, talk to your customers more and make a positive impression for your business by improving their experiences.

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