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Want To Earn Money By Writing A WordPress Blog – Join The Training Series Now

Blogging is one of the most sought-after professions these days. Whether you are a student, a homemaker, or have a regular profession, blogging is something that you can do anytime anywhere. The only things that you need are creative instincts, a love for writing, and above all some tactics that can make your blogs make the first page of every search engine.

Well, to help you learn these tactics, an exclusive training series has been curated by one of the professionals in the field of WordPress. Visit for more information, get access here. That’s not all, this training series which costs around $200, is now being offered free. If you have some spare time make sure to view the sessions and you will get extensive knowledge on how to make money by blogging.

Training details

There are 11 modules to the training program and covers everything from finding out about the high traffic sites to pointers on search engine optimization techniques.The best part of the training series is that they are visual-based and more impactful. These videos take you through step by step understanding of the concept of backlinks and how to use them in your blog to get maximum search results and high traffic to your site.

This training series will also show you how to find high converting affiliate offers that will give you good payouts. The most important aspect of blogging being optimizing the WordPress site to SEO, Speed is another important factor to access the site whether on a laptop or mobile application since the main aim of your website should be to provide a smooth user interface. Also, websites that load faster are ranked higher on google search. To be able to do this you should be well versed in PHP as the sites are built on this program. You also have to make sure that the WordPress plugins are correctly installed to help with the loading speed of the website. The auto-optimize plugin in WordPress helps to optimize and minimize file size that allows faster loading.

Selecting the best keywords to make your website or your blog rank higher on the search engine adds value, as this prioritizes your content when searched. Many keyword search tools in the market come with a paid subscription; however, free research tools like Google Keyword Planner and SEO book are free for use. In terms of applicability and functionality, Ubersuggest is a highly effective keyword research tool. It is free and gives all data that is required to analyze the keywords and use them in the content.

Better you page’s ranking on search engines

Using backlinks isone of the most popular techniques used by bloggers. Using PBN backlinks will make your content rank fast and give more views. However, you have to make sure that you are using the correct PBN backlinks or your content will not get any value addition and will have a nil effect on SEO results. Contextual backlinks are the best options as search engines view that as recommendations by the site and they are completely approved.