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What Does a Corporate Coach Do?

Corporate coaching is a fast-developing field because of all its benefits to startups, well-established companies, and long-lasting businesses.

Companies that want to grow and succeed invest in their employees. They are looking for ways to stay afloat and gain a competitive advantage in the overcrowded market by enhancing their employees’ capabilities and managing growth.

Corporate coaching often comes as a perfect match. It’s tailored to fit both the company’s specific needs and the needs of its leaders, teams, and each one of their employees.

However, if the concept of corporate coaching is not familiar to you, and you don’t have a clear idea of what corporate coaches do, here are a few basic things to get you started.

What Is Corporate Coaching?

Corporate coaching is an educational process that can help you advance professionally, from where you are now to the place you want yourself or your business to be.

For this educational process to be successful, the relationship between the coach and the client needs to be unique and meaningful, based on mutual trust and creativity, expertise, and experience.

Forming this kind of bond can help the client unlock their true potential and maximize their growth.

Corporate coaching most often takes the form of one-on-one coaching. This way, the leaders who are moving your company forward can get personalized support and the skills they need to accelerate their goals.

Even though it covers a much broader area, here are some of the most frequent topics corporate coaches are working on with their clients.

1.   Leadership Skills

To be considered a leader, nowadays, it’s not enough to hold a position of responsibility in upper management. You need to have followers, put yourself at the service of people, and gain authority.

Besides personal characteristics such as integrity, courage, and authenticity, you need a whole set of practical leadership skills to be a leader. Some of the skills are:

  • efficient decision-making,
  • communicating effectively,
  • influencing others,
  • developing an inspiring future vision,
  • identifying values and motivating your team,
  • conflict management etc.

Through a series of focused sessions that will occur over time, by employing various approaches and techniques, corporate coaching will help you polish those skills and master the ones you might be lacking.

2.   Goal Setting

To excel in your career and grow your business, you need to have a clear vision and development plans.

A corporate coach will help you set your goals: company-wide, team-wide, as well as employee-oriented goals.

They will also support you in planning the actions to achieve those goals while holding you accountable for undertaking the planned activities.

The International Coaching Federation Survey reports that 62.4% of clients who worked with a coach say they gained smarter goal-setting skills.

3.   Change Management

These days, changes seem like the only constant. To adapt and survive, businesses merge, departments fuse, employees get reassigned, and sometimes even laid off.

These challenges might be difficult to handle. However, most of the corporate coaches have experience with such organizational changes.

Their expertise will help you manage changes more effectively and integrate new teammates and tasks into the mix.

4.   Create High-Performing Teams

An excellent corporate coach by your side can boost your team’s performance.

They will monitor your team dynamics and provide you with the skills and tools to strengthen your team synergy and cohesion.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many team leaders are currently managing their teams remotely for the first time. Employees face numerous challenges, as they now need to keep up with their workload in utterly different surroundings.

A corporate coach can provide you with the right set of tools for working remotely, as well as the skills to prioritize your workload for efficiency, productivity, and impact.

5.   Building Resilience and Stress Management

Stress is inevitable in the workplace – but it can be productive if used the right way.

Instead of stressing out over your job, a corporate coach will help you and your employees learn stress management techniques that will make you more productive.

For starters, they will support you in achieving a work-life balance so you have a clear separation between both and not feel as if you have to choose between the two.

Besides, a corporate coach will stimulate your employees’ emotional intelligence, making them more resilient and more productive when facing different challenges.

The survey mentioned above reports just how beneficial coaching can be, as it found lower stress levels (57.1%), more balance in life (60.5%), and more self-confidence (52.4%) in clients who went through coaching.

Corporate coaches are there to refine your talents, clarify your vision, and give you the guidance you need to advance. A good coach will focus on understanding your goals and provide you with tools to overcome challenges and achieve your personal and professional growth.