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What is the Future of Compliance Training?  

There are more things in store for compliance training, from moving online to the effective strategies companies can implement. Here are the strategies that companies will most likely adopt to impart excellent compliance training.

  1. Online Compliance Training

Corporate compliance training will move away from conference rooms and go online! That way, compliance training will be accessible whenever and wherever employees are most available in. As a result, they can take programs on their own time without ruining their productivity levels.

You can find many virtual platforms like True Office Learning that allow us to conduct online compliance training programs to keep employees updated and engaged with important rules and regulations.

  1. Video-Based Learning

There’s more to compliance training than simply moving towards a more virtual route! Video is one of the most popular online media formats today. In fact, a Cisco report shows that videos would account for about 69% if all consumer Internet traffic.

Because of that, it’s easy to see why videos are very effective in making online learning more interesting. MIT researchers proved that video-based learning can maximize learners’ engagement, making it a good way to deliver content for compliance training courses.

In fact, you can find numerous organizations already using video-based programs, with this trend most likely increasing in the future. For example, Virgin America utilizes videos when delivering compliance training!

  1. Gamification

Gamification is another trend quickly growing in popularity, and it’s likely to stay in the long run. This strategy affects different corporate functions, even in the learning side of things.

According to a MarketsandMarkets study, the global gamification market would grow from $1.65 billion to $11.10 billion within five years! As you can see, gamification is useful in breaking learner monotomy, which is why many companies begin to gamify their page-turner training programs.

For example, one company utilizes gamified online courses, which increases engagement excellently. Gamified e-learning training programs will likely grow even further in the next years, especially with the presence of online tools that make it easier to gamify learning content without spending so much.

  1. Problem-Based Learning

Compliance training is useless if it won’t help employees identify potential violations and prevent them. Because of this, the most effective way to equip employees with appropriate skills required to identify possible breaches of policies is through developing problem-based training programs.

When you implement problem-based learning elements like real-life scenarios and case studies, you can go a long way in training employees about compliance issues.

Problem-based learning will offer better understanding of nuances of regulatory norms and laws. As such, employees will do better in preventing such violations.

Case studies will help learners understand the norms, how violation occurred, and the consequences it comes with. With problem-based learning’s high efficacy, it’s likely to be used by more companies in the future.

Wrapping It Up

To prevent any hefty fines, poor brand reputation, and the like, you must maintain a compliant workplace and stay updated with what the future has to offer in the world of compliance.