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5 Instagram Content Ideas All Instagram Marketers Should Know

If you are active on Instagram, you know there are so many ways provided by Instagram to create posts and make your content interesting. If you have active followers, they want to see your interesting content on a regular basis. 

Do you ever hit a slump though for Instagram content ideas? Even the biggest and most prolific accounts need an idea now and then. Read on to hear more ideas to create interesting content for your Instagram page. 

  1. Prepare a Giveaway or Contest

Let’s be honest, it’s not just little kids who like to win something. Use your squares to host a contest or giveaway for your followers. Encourage them to share your post and stories about the giveaway for more chances to win. 

This creates content for you over the course of the contest. It also helps you to market your brand or product with the prize. Your followers are invested because they want the opportunity to win something. 

  1. Be Real

Life is not all glossy and perfectly curated photos where your hair is perfect and your outfit is spot on. 

In fact, often life is less than perfect. Your followers will appreciate seeing you being real. They will appreciate on occasion not seeing those perfectly curated photos

Instead, let them feel like they really know you and can connect with you by showing them some real life too. 

  1. Use Some Video Content

In today’s social world, video content is king. Create video content for stories and make reels to share on your stream. Some 85% of Americans have watched video content on the internet in the last month. 

If you want to capture the attention of your followers, video content will do it. Consider videos to promote your brand or content. The interactiveness of video content is attention-getting.

  1. Promote Sponsored Content

If you use Instagram to make money and many influencers do, then you know you need to authentically introduce sponsored content. These kinds of posts help to market the brand you are sharing while also promoting your own brand. You should show a natural connection to the item you are promoting and your followers jump on board. 

This helps market your own brand because you can share with future collaborations your reach when promoting a brand. You can show how sales that post helped to make, how many likes and comments it received. 

If you are looking for options for sponsored content, check out Shake where you can connect with brands.

  1. Repost Content From Others

One sure way to increase engagement and get people to notice your brand is to notice their pages too. Engage with your followers actively. Comment on their posts. When they comment to you, make sure you reply back. 

Another smart marketing idea is to share posts from other pages. This gets engagement from those pages and in turn, they are noticing your page too.

Instagram Content Ideas You Use Today

Use these Instagram content ideas to create more marketing content for your page. With a little creativity and some inspiration, your page will continue to flourish. 

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