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B2B Marketing Goal-Setting: Not Just S.M.A.R.T. Anymore

Tools like Sprout Social provide a full range of reporting, listening, and analysis tools to help B2B brands achieve their goals. When you want to raise awareness or promote your content, these best practices can help you lead your strategy in a meaningful way. To prove your ROI and optimize your performance, analytics can provide the answers.  According to the 2019 Trends Report by the Content Marketing Institute, 78 percent of B2B marketing agencies, experts, and respondents said they use content marketing and the most successful marketers are most likely to have a well-documented strategy. The two best advantages of thorough documentation are better alignment with common objectives and more effective decision-making on the type of content to be developed. Indeed, year after year, the Institute confirms this in its annual Benchmarking, Budget, and Trends Report.

In fact, these numbers reflect what we see every day: To convince and execute, we have developed content marketing strategies for some of the world’s best-known brands. We have compiled a guide outlining our methodology for creating a content marketing strategy. In addition, we also have a convenient Content Marketing Strategy Template, which helps you to keep track and stay in line.

There is no doubt that content marketing, when done right, can produce dramatic results for your business. If your business wants to interact with people at every stage of the big funnel and they continue to interact with them, you need relevant content to convince them to go to the next step. If brands develop an effective content creation strategy based on a correct understanding of their target audience, they will not only get leads, but increase sales too. Try hiring a top B2B marketing agency for getting the best results.

We want to be clear in our content type map: there is no real consensus on what type of content works best at each stage, and it depends heavily on your sales cycle, industry, and audience. From checking your product against the cheats of the competition to the problems consumers face, you need to make your content appealing.

Once you have defined your goals for a good campaign and published content, it is important to define what you want to achieve with your videos before you enter the hot phase of their implementation. The ultimate goal is not to generate revenue or increase certain metrics for X or Y. Importantly, it adapts your content funnel to serve your users so that they do most of your marketing for you. Make sure your team knows what tasks are important and communicate those goals to them.

Although it’s okay to have several goals for your YouTube channel (e.g. Increase brand awareness, add subscribers, etc. ), the best way to do that is to focus on one goal per video. Setting a unique goal at the beginning of the production process is crucial and allows you to focus more on the video script and strategy to achieve this goal.

B2B marketing agencies use a strategy involving understanding the B2B buyer journey of your specific business and developing marketing components that lead to the customer. Creating a solid B2C marketing plan that reflects the buyer’s journey, automating the process and streamlining it into a coherent path will make marketing efforts more manageable and objectives more achievable. Numerous digital marketing tools and resources are available to make the B2Bs market more manageable, but what matters is the overall marketing strategy.

B2B organizations do not make optimal use of today’s marketing if they do not have a well-planned approach based on an integrated inbound marketing plan. Without a B2B inbound marketing plan, ads will be placed at the center not only of the great content that B2C technology companies offer, but also of the products themselves.

Content marketing examples include social media posts, blog articles, LinkedIn videos, press releases, e-books, infographics, white papers and case studies. Content marketing can be used by companies for a variety of purposes, but one of the most important is demand generation. Email marketing supports content engagement, chatbots break down silos, and channel analytics provide a roadmap to improve strategy.

Messages can not only be tailored to specific audiences and industries, but can also be optimized for delivery on different social platforms. For example, sites such as Twitter or Instagram may refer to a social media post that refers to content produced by a B2B company for a formal professional site such as LinkedIn or a social site such as Facebook.

Inbound marketing goals should focus on getting the job done properly, i.e. Making the experience so enjoyable for customers that they become regular customers and promote the B2B technology company as a great industry partner with which they can work. Consider a B2C social media strategy as apples and oranges such as retail or e-commerce.

Instead of focusing on sales, most B2B companies use social as a prime marketing channel for content, promotion and awareness. The best way to consolidate your credibility is to lecture your audience. From blog posts and e-books to first-hand reports and videos, a B2C strategy for social marketing should focus on actionable educational content.

This article brings together the collective insights of several leading experts on topics related to digital and social media marketing. Even if you have a gut feeling, there is no concrete evidence to help you formulate your marketing budget and develop the best possible content marketing strategy.

If you haven’t had time to build a presence on Pinterest, now is the time to start. You’ll miss out on more traffic, better brand awareness and a lethal way to promote the content you’ve worked so hard to create.

If your audience wants to learn, entertain and engage with your brand via video, you should follow this guide to get the most from your YouTube marketing strategy. YouTube may initially seem overwhelming at first but it makes it easy to share and digest content.

When you record a video that combines the highlights of a blog post, your audience has several ways to digest the content. A CTA is a link, button, image, or web link that encourages readers to act, download, call, register, or attend an event.