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Cleaning hacks to make your business safer for employees and staff  

We are living in a new world, and the way that we need to conduct business has been greatly impacted essentially when it comes to your workforce and work environment. The safety of people is now a priority for a lot of organisations and with that one of the top topics that are currently being discussed is the cleaning routines for business environments like offices.

Here are some cleaning hacks that we have found to make any business run a lot smoother:

Think about how space is going to be used, it is highly recommended to hire a facility management service to do all of your cleaning needs as they will be able to rationally look at spaces and the flow of people that passes through it and make good judgements on how to clean it. A facility management company may also suggest that a one-way system would be beneficial to help employees and any visitors that may be on-site to adhere to social distancing rules, but it needs to be easy for people to understand and signposted

Another good way is to keep any windows open and good natural airflow through the building and invest in a well-maintained air extraction system. Making sure that you have the correct cleaning supplies for the task at hand is critical in keeping costs low, if you are using too many different products that are not suitable it will be ineffective, an experienced facility management company would be able to evaluate an environment and using the appropriate products.

We all are aware that COVID-19 is not going away in the next coming months and possibly years so all changes to cleaning routines need to be long-term, do not waste time now coming up with quick fixes to get back to normal as it will only affect you longer down the lune when you need to change it again, it is better to do it right the first time and that is the biggest hack that we can give you, play the long-term game with these changes and a new way of cleaning.

Businesses are wanting to protect their employees so all of the tips that we have given you will help get everyone back to as much normality as we can but at the same time keeping them as safe as we can.