Consultations for the Online Sale Boost

Consultations for the Online Sale Boost

For several years, the fundamentals of marketing have evolved considerably. From now on, any business must turn to its customers to offer them a fully personalized shopping experience. In addition, the digital revolution and the innumerable tools available today make it possible to offer ever better informed prospects courses aimed at optimizing conversion rates. By mastering these upheavals, a company puts itself in a position to rapidly increase its ebay sales. Discover the 9 ebay sales techniques that will allow you to develop your turnover.

Define your targets

In order to grow your ebay sales, you must start by precisely identifying your prospects and their characteristics. Who are they? What are their needs? So many questions you will have to answer. In marketing parlance, these target prospects are known as personas. Each target of prospects is materialized by a fictitious person, to whom social and psychological data are attributed. By knowing your potential customers, you will optimize your various interactions, right up to the sale. The use of the BTW Consulting  is important there.

Develop your online presence

As long as we know how to use it effectively, the internet is a superb showcase for your business. It is therefore in your interest to multiply the points of contact with your prospects and customers, by creating at least a website and accounts on the most suitable social networks. But that is not enough. We must also think about SEO, natural and paid. Inbound marketing is one of the techniques in vogue today, and has many advantages. It consists, through a blog for example, in creating and disseminating high added value content to respond to the problems encountered by the personas identified previously. By providing them with concrete solutions, you will develop an image of an expert in your sector of activity. These prospects will therefore no longer hesitate to buy your products or services, and will even recommend you to their friends.

Prioritize your prospects

Not all of your prospects deserve the same level of attention. Indeed, by desperately trying to convert every prospect, you risk wasting your time and energy. Conversely, it is more relevant to create a business relationship with hot prospects, namely potential customers who have expressed a concrete interest in your products or services. Your ebay sales force must therefore immediately work on a hot lead so that he does not make his purchase from one of your competitors.

Create a business relationship with hot leads

Use a CRM

To qualify your prospects and set up quality monitoring , CRM (Customer Relationship Management) turns out to be an essential ally. CRM software is thus able to record and organize an infinite amount of data on your leads and customers, such as their contact details, their purchasing habits or their communication preferences. All this information will allow you to save precious time in terms of customer relations.

Convert using the SPANCO method

The SPANCO method is a commercial tool that offers the possibility of following each step of the conversion funnel of a potential customer. It is actually an acronym, each letter corresponding to a phase of the funnel and having its own performance indicators:

  • Suspect: you define your market and your target customers.
  • Prospect: you group your leads based on their common characteristics.
  • Analysis: you meet with your leads to analyze their needs and provide a precise response.
  • Negotiation: you offer your product or service at a certain price.
  • Conclusion: you make the sale a reality, and start your post-purchase customer relationship.
  • Order: you follow the sale, and make every effort to retain the customer.
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