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Do Outdoor Misting Systems Really Work?


Misting systems can help cool things down in a particular area. Today these systems are progressively becoming popular in public and commercial areas like theme parks or outdoor restaurant seating areas where business owners plan to provide a pleasant and cool environment for customers to enjoy. Also, frequent maintenance of misting systems from Bosstek helps them last a long time. Maintenance does not have to be time-consuming or overly complicated – just make sure you periodically clean the nozzles.

Do Misting Systems Work To Justify Their Purchase?

It’s suggested that by using high-pressure misters in areas that have humidity levels of between 40 to 80%, means the temperatures in the misted area can be reduced by about 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Also areas with humidity levels below 40%,use of mister can see the figure increase to a reduction of about 35 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s worth noting that the best results can be achieved if the mist evaporates fast – since the spray is a lot finer, and the humidity levels aren’t too high. If not you might be left feeling a bit damp rather than cooled.

Are Outdoor Mister Systems Easy To Maintain?

With regular maintenance, you can help prolong your system’s life. Besides cleaning the nozzles, systems that have a pump, consider having a pump check-up done annually. Pay attention to things like the fan belt, oil levels, and filter cartridge to ensure they are in top condition.

Naturally, if many different parts are involved, misting systems repair work will be more costly if one or more parts need to be replaced or fixed. Also, you might need a contractor or professional plumber to set up the system for you, which can result in more costs compared to having a simple DIY kit.

Choosing Your Outdoor Misting System

It seems that the outdoor misting systems offer the much-needed cooling for outdoor areas where normal air conditioning systems don’t work. The type of system you choose will depend on how big the area you plan to cool, and the climate of the area as well. If you want to cool a small area, that does not have extremely high humidity levels, then consider getting a simple, low-pressure DIY kit that you can easily assemble. So you won’t need a specialist contractor for installation. Plus it involves little maintenance besides giving the nozzles a good clean out  regularly.

If you have a bigger area to cool or live in an area with extremely high humidity levels, mid or high-pressure misters may be more suitable for you. Whereas the inclusion of a pump makes them a little more expensive this may cost more as far as maintenance goes. Even then, they offer way more cooling power over the garden-hose systems.

Ultimately it all depends on your specific business needs, so plan carefully ahead of time before getting a misting system. In doing so, you’ll ensure that you get the most suitable misting system from the outset. Remember to take into account the type of climate of the area and the size of the area you plan to cool.