You are currently viewing Great Possibilities For Import/Export Trade In Turkey 

Great Possibilities For Import/Export Trade In Turkey 

If you are looking for an opportunity to start an export-import trading business in Turkey, you are on the right track. Businesses around the globe have shown a keen interest to start export/import trade within the Turkish borders. Entrepreneurs from other nations looking for trade and business opportunities in Turkey have a great chance indeed. 

Turkey is very active in foreign trade procedures. And being ranked as the sixth biggest economy in entire Europe, businessmen from all over the world can explore trade possibilities with this large country. Early planning and supportive government measures have provided Turkey with a powerful business culture that has managed to convert its cities into effective production centres. 

Business Opportunities in Turkey 

Turkey is a beautiful peninsula surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, and Aegean Sea on its three sides. Turkey is considered a fertile land that follows European trade standards. Aspiring businessmen waiting for good trade opportunities in Turkey need to conduct dedicated research and analyse the present market situation in order to find the best import/export opportunities in Turkey

Let us throw some light on some of the main business-related rules and formalities to start a business in Turkey:

Registering a Business or Company in Turkey 

  • Any person from any country or nationality can become a director and a shareholder to set up a company establishment in Turkey
  • The shareholder of a Turkish company can be a real individual or a legal business entity
  • A Turkish enterprise must have a local registered office address (rented or owned)
  • Company registration rule for a limited company will require a specific share capital, out of which some amount must be deposited in a bank account 
  • A limited company should have a minimum of one director and one shareholder

Exporting from Turkey – Procedures to Follow 

  • A legal entity or a natural person or a joint-venture possessing valid tax ID and proof of being an exporter can become an exporter 
  • Further, proof of nationality, nature of merchandise, documents such as expert licence, control certificate, and export consents can be needed for exporting from Turkey
  • Documents need to be prepared in a certain manner to comply with the country’s export/import regulations 
  • Proper export documents and custom clearance formalities are required for smooth export operations

Importing from Turkey – Procedures to Follow 

  • Identification of all the regulations and subsequent tax rules 
  • A certificate of Origin (HS Code) should be procured and it should be related to the products being imported 
  • Registration procedures with Turkish Customs have to be completed 
  • Importing from Turkey involves an application for import licences 
  • Payment of import taxes and import duties 
  • Purchase order payment terms 
  • Proper import documents and paperwork to be produced 
  • Clearance certificate by Turkish Customs 

Partnering with an Experienced Business Consultant 

You need to have a clear idea about every little detail on how to pursue business opportunities in the country. You can approach a trusted advisor linked to a reputed consulting firm in the country. From business registration in Turkey to the formation of a company, everything can be taken care of by professional financial and investment consultants.