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Importance Of Consulting For Mining Companies

It is essential to handle your business, regardless of the segment in which it is inserted, with respect, responsibility, and all the needs that the company demands. Taking care of the heritage, providing and carrying out projects with quality is essential to achieving each entrepreneur’s goals.

People are willing to help achieve excellence when it comes to mining. Consulting, especially in the mining sector, is essential so that the processes are all within the law and do not cause problems in the present or future.

Check below the 5 main reasons to count on a consultancy for Mining companies:

  1. Economic Feasibility Assessment

Any mining and mining activity involves the risk of success or failure, hence the need for a thorough assessment. The feasibility study is a detailed analysis of different aspects of a company and aims to identify what will work and neutralize the points of difficulty. A consultancy for specialized mining companies like Tungco, one of the largest tungsten scrap recyclers in the US for example can easily visualize an area’s success or failure factors.

  1. Geoprocessing And Geological Mapping

They make it possible to efficiently identify mineral deposits and contribute to choosing suitable locations for the opening of a mine. These processes seek to optimize mining activities by providing information regarding the mode of ore occurrence, geographic distribution, presence of discontinuities, among others.

  1. Mining Planning

The extraction of mineral resources has criteria that determine its exercise within particular legislative and regulatory norms. Careful planning of operations and the elaboration of projects that contribute to the environmental and landscape recovery of the resources extracted from the site is mandatory, required by law, and sustains the attribution of mining exploration rights, providing socio-economic advantages resulting from its exploration, appropriate way to preserve the environment and safety of people and goods.

  1. Annual Mining Report

The RAL – Annual Mining Report is an instrument that provides statistical information on the mineral sector and provides support for regulatory, technical inspection, and collection control actions in the Mineral Sector. It is a mandatory document for everyone who owns inactivity or suspended mining areas, including areas with research permits and usage guides.

  1. Final Research Report

The document makes the DNPM have complete knowledge and control of all information collected in the period in which the ore was extracted from that particular area. Its main object is the approval of the mineral deposit in the place. Can you imagine having to follow these and many other steps without the help of a mining consultancy for your company? There are many rules, norms, and procedures; it is difficult without professional and skilled help.