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In Bad Weather, Good Photos

If you are one of those who see rain with laziness from the sofa, who would never think of leaving an umbrella and camera in hand to portray a rainy day for fear of damaging the equipment, or pure laziness, if you are one of those who leave to ski but it does not even occur to them to take the camera out of the cover, of those who grimace when a radiant sun does not shine, or find the sky without a cloud.


When it rains the light changes radically, creating a different atmosphere from what we usually see. Rain from home, from the street or in the middle of a landscape is a unique opportunity to get out of the established and let yourself be carried away by inspiration. Here are a few ideas to portray in the rain, which I hope you will add many more of your harvest. Do you also wish to edit and print your photo to get more quality, you can go for the best online photo printing services to get the job done.

Through The Glass

Drops of water sliding melancholy through the glass, with an unfocused city in the background, or a portrait behind the glass or a reflection, or a landscape … Whatever you can think of, don’t limit your creativity. Let yourself go and shoot, shoot, shoot; you always have time to erase later.


The wet ground of cities suddenly becomes a great mirror of lights, of pedestrians, of illuminated buildings, just like puddles on the ground where you can reflect the most varied protagonists, giving your images an extra touch of originality.

Shutter Speed

This is a good time to start practising at different shutter speeds. Are you interested in freezing the drops that fall intensely? So try to work with high speeds (above, for example, 1 / 250s. Are you interested in showing the movement of the water when falling? Then work with slower speeds (1 / 15s or less). Do your printing at, and do the tests you consider necessary before give up since all this will depend on the light and the context.