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Increase Company Revenue Through Website Personalization

With website personalization, you can increase your companies’ revenue in a matter of months. Website personalization refers to providing each online visitor with an exclusive web experience to ensure better customer experience and satisfaction. In turn, this leads to more and more extended website visits, better conversions, and an improved brand reputation.

With website personalization exploding over the last decade, it’s become easier to implement this concept on your online platforms. If you feel stuck on where to begin, read on through our guide below to see which strategies you can use to increase your companies’ revenue with web personalization!

  1. Personalized Homepages

The first thing your customers will see when visiting your website or online store is the homepage. Personalizing this removes products and data that they have no interest in. With all the clutter minimized, they can get faster access to what they want, which will decrease unnecessary browsing or distractions from purchasing their desired product.

  1. Personalized Subscription Emails

Most companies sent out subscription-based emails, and if yours doesn’t already, it’s time to get started! Not only does this keep customers up to date with the latest news and products, but you can also send out exclusive offers. To make the best use of these, you need to personalize them.

Personalizing your emails’ subject line increases the chance of the email being opened by 25%! You can use the customers’ first name in various ways in the subject line to grab their attention and then move forward in your email by engaging with them based on what they did on your website.

  1. Offer Exclusive Discounts

Whether it’s a one-time offer to new customers or spoiling an old customer who reached their 20th order, offering an exclusive discount will encourage customers to make a purchase. Display this on a banner or pop-up on the homepage as soon as the customer views your site. 

Old customers will feel appreciated for their support, and new customers will feel welcome. This is also a great way to collect data from new customers via a subscription email or update data by asking an old customer to fill out a short survey to redeem their discount code.

  1. Use Customer Locations

Using geo-info of customers can be beneficial. People are more likely to purchase from a company if they see that they know their area and is trusted within it. Personalization can take form in various shapes, such as greeting customers in their language, displaying season related items first, stating shipping cost to specific areas on the homepage, or showing reviews from people in the same regions as them.

Website personalization used to be considered a future strategy, but it’s here now, and companies need to jump on board. For your company to stand out from the rest, you have to give your potential and existing customers a feel-good experience by making them feel valued, heard, and seen. With web personalization, all of this can be accomplished.