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Interested in the EB1-1 Visa? Here’s a quick outline!

There are many subsets of Employment-Based visas. The EB-1 visa is available to individuals with extraordinary abilities in respective fields, such as science, arts, business, athletics, and education. The EB-1 visa is also available to outstanding professors or researchers with documented proof of contributions, and also to multinational executives and managers with U.S. employer sponsorships. Like most employment-based visas, it can be hard to understand if you qualify for an EB-1 Visa in the first place. In your best interests, it is wise to look for Dallas EB-1 Visa Lawyer, who can guide on important immigration issues. In this post, we are sharing more on EB-1 Visa. 

Why is the EB-1 Visa desirable?

Unlike other employment-based visas, the wait time for EB-1 Visa is considerably shorter. Also, there is no need to fulfil the PERM process. Foreigners with the EB-1 Visa can become permanent residents of the US and can work here freely. Also, EB-1 Visa holders can bring their dependent children and spouse into the US. The EB-1 Visa is usually ideal for achievers or those who have a certain amount of distinguished acclaim in their respective fields and wish to work in the US. 

Petitioner for EB-1A

For employment-based visas, the employer needs to file the petition, but that’s not the case with EB-1A. In other words, you don’t need to have a sponsoring employer to file the petition for your visa. Also, you don’t have to be present in the US to file for EB-1A. You can complete the process from overseas. You need to mainly file the I-140 petition, which is available on USCIS website. In case you are living overseas, you must file the DS-260 online immigrant visa application. Processing the petition can take some time, depending on the case load at the local service center, but expect at least a few months. The USCIS offers a premium processing service, which can be considered too. 

Consult an immigration attorney

If you don’t want to deal with all that on your own, hiring an immigration attorney is a wise idea. Visas and immigration matters can be complicated, and even a small mistake can mean losing time, money and effort. An immigration attorney can guide you on the entire process, help with documentation, which is highly important for EB-1A visa in particular. 

If you are hiring an immigration lawyer for the first time, do check for reviews and ask for client references.