Pushy AI Bots Nudge Humans to Change Behaviour

Teamwork is often encouraged within the departments in order to facilitate brainstorming, project management, and a more diverse flow of productive ideas. However, even though this approach is highly valuable, it also appears to be flawed.

It often happens that teamwork becomes rather department-focused, which tends to lead to communication issues and discrepancies at different levels of project realization across different business aspects.

Fortunately, contemporary technology featuring AI bots seems to be the perfect addition to the equation in the sense that it strengthens and fully supports collaborative human efforts and practices.

Can AI Replace Humans?

A well-known concern surrounding this new technology revolves around the question of whether AI can actually replace the human role in business, especially when it comes to problem-solving and project management.

There’s no need to worry about this though as AI is simply a system programmed and directed by humans. And forget about I, Robot and similar sci-fi scenarios; it simply cannot operate without human assistance and that’s a fact. However, it most definitely can help groups of people become considerably more productive and efficient.

How Can AI Change Human Behaviour?

There are many different ways to utilize bot software when it comes to external business improvement. The most notable effects include better customer service with bot assistants available to answer questions and recommend products/services 24/7.

It’s also worth noting that AI can gather and analyse huge amounts of data in an extremely short amount of time, thus providing valuable insight into customer behaviour, industry trends, potential risks and benefits, appropriate budget allocations, and so on. All of this allows modern-day companies to improve their lead generation efforts and drive sales more efficiently. But what about the internal aspect of business improvement?

Making the most out of AI to affect business reputation and authority positively has slowly become a norm, but the uses of this technology within the employee body itself still has to be fully implemented. In the end, the little nudges from a relatively pushy AI bot can effectively change human behaviour, not only in regard to customers but the actual moving force of every business as well – the entire staff.

The Reach of Social Science

Eustress is essentially a small amount of stress that’s good for you. It makes you think more clearly within a short period of time. Eustress can be triggered in a variety of ways and introducing some kind of negative variable or error into a group can be the right answer when it comes to influencing teamwork and making everyone’s collaborative efforts more productive.

Since it’s fairly challenging to assign such a role to another team member, introducing an AI bot to make some noise within the group of people that’s trying to come up with a solution to a particular problem has proven to be quite successful.

The AI-generated eustress affecting everyone involved in the process is enough to strengthen the collaborative relationship and push the parties involved to make an evidence-based decision in record time.

Social science today can effectively observe AI and human interactions thanks to the already established psychological notions of human behaviour and the rapid development of bot software.

Having an “outsider” disrupt the usual workings of an already established group has been known to often work in favour of the group as it forces it to change its inertness and go-to actions. For contemporary businesses that are looking to succeed in today’s competitive market, it’s crucial to challenge their employees in order to restart and replenish the flow of fresh ideas.

The Issue of Ethics

Of course, just like with everything ground-breaking that involves the use of digital technologies such as conversational AI bots, it’s imperative to tread lightly and carefully. As it’s clear that bringing AI and humans together can change human behaviour, it’s paramount to prevent any potential misuse of the technology and avoid manipulations.

While the whole concept cannot be used thoughtlessly, its potential is huge and further research is bound to optimize its implementation in the best possible manner, in terms of both business success and ethical matters.

One thing’s for sure – AI bots operate on language recognition and machine learning software which allows them to improve their input understanding and output efficiency quickly and naturally. This technology is already changing the world, both professionally and personally, and it remains to be seen what else tomorrow will bring.