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A modern shop needs to display its goods to the customers for better marketing purposes: Comptoir Magasin Displetech – the best solution to display products in an organized way. Displetech is an excellent place for retailers to buy a wide variety of retail display cases, wrap counters, and cash registers to showcase their products. It is primarily used for fragile merchandise products that can break easily; it showcases various products, including frameless, full vision, half vision display glasses made of wood, glass, and metal materials.


It is a complete vision showcase that gives the customers maximum visibility and allows retailers to showcase products easily.

  • Glass Extra vision display: It is a 48” Extra display showcase with the inside made of standard aluminum. The Standard doors DK4G and DK6G are supplied with white panels. It is available for $559.99
  • Aluminium Framed Cornered Showcase: A general aluminum-framed corner showcase with two adjustable shelves of dimensions (20” x 20” x 38” H). Its price is $469.99
  • Aluminium Framed Full Vision Cash Counter: For retailers searching for a fashionable cash counter, an aluminum-framed full vision cash counter with an adjustable shelf. (24” x 20” x 38”H). Price – $349.99


It is one of the most comprehensive and exquisite pocket-friendly collections. It is available in choices of colors like white, maple, and black.

  • Full Vision Counter: A great choice to display your product out front. With two rows of adjustable tempered glass shelves a quarter of an inch thick and internal support made of aluminum with a satin finish, it comes at an economical buy of $459.99 of 48.”
  • Wrap Counter: With a great display and featuring a large workspace with ample storage below, it is a great and classic buy at $399.99 for 48”.


It is an elegant, classy collection of full vision and frameless showcase collections. The showcases are available at a minimalistic rate.

  • Frameless Glass Tower Display: A classy choice for the display of products on a glass tower. It Includes four interior shelves and a black base (with hidden casters) and Anodized aluminum tracks and chrome connectors. It comes at the price of $749.99 for 20″.
  • Frameless Glass Display Showcase: A full vision showcase with a full display consisting of a lock for more valuable items. It is flexible with two sliding doors and two adjustable glass shelves. Its price is $599.99 for 36”.

With the variety of choices and a royal collection of showcases, it is sure to find the proper display case to showcase any particular product fashionably with style. It is the perfect place to give a product a perfect look.