Six ways in which PDF converter helps online businesses

Six ways in which PDF converter helps online businesses

The PDF file format has revolutionized document transmission and access. Most businesses prefer their files transaction to be in PDF format for easy storage and protected viewing. A PDF converter allows you to change any document into a PDF file and vice versa. Additionally, a PDF converter is also equipped with some editing tools that allow you to access advanced features like form fields, e-signatures, etc. You can use this tool to make your daily transaction faster and more efficient. Here are six ways in which PDF converters are helping online businesses.

Secure storage

A PDF converter allows easy and quick conversion of Word or Excel files to PDF. You can further use the PDF file to restrict viewing access by protecting it with a security key. Password protection is based on end-to-end encryption technology to keep all sensitive information safe. By working with PDF, you can control the viewing access, which can also help trace the data leakages.

Seamless digital conversion

If you want to take your entire business on a digital platform and go paperless, a PDF converter is the best investment for you. PDF converters come equipped with optical character recognition technology which allows easy paper-to-digital conversion. You just have to scan the paper documents with your camera phone, and the converter will store it on the cloud for you in PDF format. Say goodbye to the ancient methods of typing everything into the system.

E-signatures have made things easier

Official contracts and other such legal documents require the recipient’s signatures. Just draft your document in PDF format and email it to the designated authority. The receiver can access the e-sign feature from any of the PDF editors and email the document back to you. Additionally, if your client has the same version of PDF editor, you can send the document directly to the inbox for convenience. Bill and transaction approval can also be done online through the e-sign feature.

Easy formatting

Online businesses prefer to keep all their documents in PDF format to allow universal access and easy transmission. Viewing a PDF file is very simple because you can access it through your browser without having to download any premium apps. However, PDF readers give limited access and don’t allow you to make any advanced changes. Therefore, you must have a PDF converter handy to convert the received file into any desired format and make necessary changes.

Universal editing

Different document editing platforms offer different editing features, but you have to convert your PDF file into the compatible format first. For example, you can use the PDF converter to convert your PDF to Word and use all the editing tools offered by MS Word.

Similarly, if you want to make changes on a spreadsheet, convert the PDF file to .XLSX format and access all the MS Excel tools to make the necessary changes. Once you are done making changes, convert the files back to PDF for storage and seamless transaction. For such frequent file conversions, it is crucial to invest in a PDF converter.

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