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TejKohli’s Helping Hand

TejKohli, a technologist, entrepreneur, investor, and real estate mogul, has been dipping his toes in various niche industries related to technology and science for almost three decades. At 62, he has amassed wealth through his pursuits and though he is able to give his family a comfortable life, he hasn’t forgotten his roots, and manages to give back and invest in the futures of the underprivileged.

Early Struggles

Kohli was born in Delhi, India, to a middle-class family. His father was a journalist, while his mother was a diplomat, which caused their family to travel a lot. Living in different countries enabled Kohli to see different cultures and understand various situations that both privileged and underprivileged countries faced.

Eventually, Kohli ended up in Costa Rica as an adult, where he began founding technological companies that offered e-commerce, high-risk payment services, and fraud protection. This was during the competitive tail end of the millennium’s tech boom, and through the services he offered, and the money he earned, he was able to venture into real estate.

Although Kohli had his own share of failures in some of his pursuits, this did not stop him from pushing harder; and in fact, his experiences helped him understand the struggles that many startup entrepreneurs face. “I rebuilt myself into a big success, and I’m determined to use that success to help rebuild others, too,” Kohli once told CityAm.

Rebuilding For The Future

With that in mind, Kohli sees the necessity for funding both small startup firms that have huge potentials for future of technology, and at the same time, he sees the necessity of giving what he can for the future of human lives.

Much of Kohli’s investments are centred on deep tech, which cover artificial intelligence, biotech, and robotics. Some of the projects he is supporting under Rewired Ventures include early detection for cancer, speeding up the recycling process for plastic, and investing in solar power sites.

Recently, Kohli invested in Open Bionics, a UK company to begin the Future Bionics Program. The group produced the world’s first clinically approved bionic limbs for young children. Using 3D printing technology, the limbs are seen to be more beneficial than conventional artificial limbs. It is cost-effective, and is more flexible and adaptable than general prosthetics. The Hero Arm is controlled via the muscles of the user and has a strong grip that allows the user to do more.

Because it is funded by the TejKohli Foundation, many families who cannot afford transplants can give their children a better life. Not only will the beneficiaries feel more confident with their new arm, they can also look forward to a better future for themselves, with a chance to excel in whatever future they would like, from sports to medicine to the arts.

Soon the Kohli Foundation will be expanding this programme to markets in India and China.

By investing in deep tech firms, Tej Kohli looks forward to new breakthroughs and innovations that will give a better future for all.