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Digital Marketing: What It Is And The Advantages

Even though it differs from traditional marketing, done off the internet, the basics of digital marketing like in comrade digital marketing agency for instance are the same in different aspects. To better understand, it is possible to mention the marketing mix. It encompasses the concept of the 4 “Ps” of marketing, which are strategies to bring the company closer to its audience. Even in the digital world, they remain essential. They are as follows:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Square
  • Promotion


It’s what your company sells, its advantages for the consumer, how it meets their needs, and its characteristics.


It is the value of the product to the customer. Since it needs to be attractive, it can have discounts and offers and ensure the profitability necessary for your business.


It’s where your product is offered, how it can be targeted to your audience, how your logistics and storage work.


These are the channels for publicizing your product, how it is presented to the consumer, and the strategies for your audience to know your brand.

These marketing concepts are essential and valuable to your strategy when transferred to digital marketing. After all, it is necessary to have a product consistent with what your audience is looking for, to be offered in the proper channels and at a consistent price.

And for all this to be possible, it is necessary to know the proper way to promote it. In addition, with the increasing use of online tools, another P emerged from People.

With more significant consumer interaction with the brand when using virtual media, people began to influence this process. Today, there are 8 Ps, and the others are as follows:

  • Methods: how the product is manufactured
  • Positioning: how the customer perceives the brand
  • Performance: what are your differentials

Advantages Of Digital Marketing

There are many advantages of digital marketing; see what they are:

Interaction With The Target Audience

A brand’s interactivity with its audience when betting on digital marketing is possibly one of its most attractive differentials. With this more significant interaction, it is possible to gain credibility and trust and know your target audience better.

Greater Reach

With digital marketing, companies can gain greater visibility and be known across the country and even in other countries. You don’t need to be a large corporation for this, as long as you can serve clients worldwide with the proper logistics.


One of the main differences between digital marketing and traditional marketing is targeting your actions. If a single advertisement on TV, radio, and newspaper reaches a diverse audience, online it is possible to promote specific activities for each group.

Ease Of Measurement

The investment with digital marketing which can be done in comrade digital marketing agency for instance also becomes safer, as it is easier to evaluate the results obtained. Today, there are different ways to measure results, including knowing which actions had more or less effective.