Human resource is the most important resource any company can have.  This holds true whether for micro enterprise or large multinational companies.  No amount of money can replace the time, talents, and skills that an employee can bring into the company.

For some companies (businesses such as BPOs and outsourcing companies, sales-driven companies, hospitals and clinics, to name a few), human resource is their actual cash cow.  They say robots and machines will eventually replace human workforce in the future, as these machines eventually lead to less costs and do not need emotional consolation.  But there is the uniqueness of every human being that makes us really special and able to carry out tasks that robots or machines can’t.

We have all come to acknowledge the importance of people as the greatest asset any business can have, and without us no business will ever thrive.  Even a doctor’s clinic won’t survive without a staff or a secretary, whether physically or remotely.  Hence, in a company, especially large ones, there is a department called Human Resource.  It may comprise of a team or employees or just a single person who maintains the relationship between the employer and the employee.

Now, aside from an HR Manager, we have seemed to notice that there is an entirely different demand for an HR Recruitment Specialist.  Therefore, we have come together with a list of what an HR recruitment specialist does and how relevant this person is in a company.

The job of an HR Recruitment Specialist basically is to source for qualified candidates and to conduct and manage the hiring process of the company from start to finish.  The crucial part in their role is to properly identify the background and qualification of the candidates and to find one that is most suited not only for the job but for the company as a whole.  They connect with possible candidates, screen through their applications, make a shortlist and conduct initial interviews, and evaluate. They also create a report on the hiring plans of the company, are in-charge of putting up job vacancies through various portals, and participate in job fairs.

The question would be, is it really necessary to hire an HR recruitment specialist?

The answer would depend on the type or size of the business.  Since the tasks are very specific, not all types of companies would need an HR recruitment specialist.  As mentioned above, they are in-charge of qualifying and hiring individuals who will become assets to the company.  Normally, companies who need this kind of service are those who have fast employee turn-over, such as BPO companies, or large companies employing more than 100 people and would need to fill-in job vacancies from time to time.

However, any company may opt to hire an HR recruitment specialist from a firm or agency for a project basis only.  This is very practical for companies whose frequency of hiring new personnel is not as much. The only disadvantage that this may bring is that they won’t have a unique approach, as they do not have a specific insight for your business.  Clearly, they can do the job, but only at a level that they are being assigned to.

To establish whether to hire an HR recruitment specialist or not, it is best to review the specifications of their job and the limitations of your company. That way, you can determine whether it is indeed a necessity or simply an added liability.