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Want to start importing business in the US? Hire a customs broker!

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The number of commercial importers in the US is constantly increasing. More investors and entrepreneurs are seeing the demand and potential for selected imported goods, especially in certain niches. If you intend to start your own imports & exports-related venture, the first step is to understand the basic requirements, for which a customs broker can be handy. Besides offering a guide to importing to USA, customs brokers can handle a lot of complicated aspects, paperwork, and compliance matters on behalf of your company, allowing you to focus on one aspect – Your business. 

In this post, let’s discuss more on why hiring a customs broker may be inevitable. 

  1. Because import consulting is necessary. One of the foremost reasons why importers hire customs brokers is to get advice on international trade. The problem with importing and exporting is the long list of requirements and compliance needs. International trade laws are changing now and then, and for an importer, it is often impossible to track everything. Many entrepreneurs and new businesses work directly with customs brokers to get initial advice. 
  2. Because you don’t want to deal with the paperwork. Just check online for the requirements and paperwork needed to start importing, and you will realize that the list is extensive to be memorized in one go. Business owners would rather get a customs broker and pay for the services offered than handle all of this. Your customs broker will explain things in simpler terms and complete necessary formalities without any delays. 
  3. Because expertise counts. Let’s not forget that matters related to customs are always complicated. Tariff applications, tax matters, refunds and exemptions are aspects that need constant attention. Hiring a customs broker allows a company to work on its core goals, and business operations. In case they plan to expand, or wishes to work with exporters from other new shores, they can talk to the customs broker to ensure that compliance needs are met. 

Final word

Hiring a customs broker is not mandatory by law, but most successful and growing importers and businesses that deal in international law prefer to hire one. Do your homework, make sure that you select a broker who has extensive experience and is accessible for your requirements at all times. Also, you need to check if they can handle all kinds of shipments and goods, including train, truck, air, and parcel shipments. Think of the customs broker as an extended arm of your importing business, for the long run.