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What you should consider when choosing between plant purchase and plant hire

If you work within construction, engineering, or any other sector where there is a need for the regular use of heavy machinery and equipment, there comes a time when you need to decide the best approach for your business. Do you buy from a plant sales company or do you continue to use a plant lease company to furnish your projects with the equipment and machinery you need, as and when you need it? There are pros and cons to each, and whatever you decide, it is always best to go through a company with experience in both sales and plant hire to ensure that you have professional advice about the best choice of equipment and models to help your specific situation, the tasks at hand, and your budget.

Plant hire

Choosing to hire your equipment and machinery rather than buy it outright has a range of benefits. The biggest one is that you do not have the high initial outlay cost that is associated with purchasing plant outright. Instead, you pay for the equipment as and when you need it. Another benefit is that you might work on projects where there is a multitude of tasks with different requirements. Plant hire allows you to have flexibility in the type of machinery and equipment you use on each project. Alongside these benefits you will also get the pick of the latest models of machinery, that is repaired and maintained between hires, meaning a greater level of safety, higher standards, and effectiveness.

Plant purchase

If, instead, you are interested in buying machinery outright, there are benefits to this too. The first is that it cuts out time with the middleman. This is especially helpful if you perform the same or similar tasks on an on-going basis and know what machinery you require during that period. Buying it outright means you have the current latest model, and you can go ahead and use it without the extra planning and time waiting for deliveries. You do need to consider however that this makes you responsible for the cost of repairs and maintenance, and the value will begin to depreciate the moment you purchase the machinery. Plant purchase is the right choice for those companies with the strong cashflow to buy and where there is a repetitive task for the long-term where machinery is required.

The pros and cons for both plant sales and plant hire services make it a very personal choice that is specific to each company in question. What should never be in question is using the services of a plant lease company or a plant sales company that has a good reputation. Whether you are buying outright or you are looking for a long-term collaboration to hire equipment and machinery specific to each project and task over the coming months and years, you want access to the very latest models of equipment at that time. Working with a company you can trust puts your mind at ease and certainly helps you to plan efficiently with safety, productivity, and long-term success in mind.