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Where to Sell My Designer Bag for Instant Cash in Sydney?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many who are looking to free up some extra cash by selling off their expensive luxury items and designer bags. It is a common trend that picked up during this Black Swan situation, and with the success they had, it is likely to continue!

Who Do People Sell Their Designer Bags For Instant Cash In Sydney?

Often the choice to sell designer bags is between online luxury retailers for second-hand luxury bags and notable pawn shops in and around Sydney!

Both of them are excellent sources for trading off your expensive purse and bags in exchange for immediate cash in return.

If You Choose to Sell Your Designer Bag at Online Luxury Retailers, then one benefit which you will get is that their crew will take care of the pesky logistic aspect.

Simply put- when you approach them with your intention to sell, they will arrange for the item’s pick up. That said, there is a downside to it too. And that being, these online luxury retailers will take a bigger cut from the sales process in the form of their commission.

This means that the price which you will eventually receive on the trade of will be relatively lesser than your original estimate! Of course, if you’re fine with it, then it is a convenient way to sell your extra designer bag for some immediate cash in hand.

Contrarily, If You’re Not Happy with the Offered Price Quote by Online Luxury Retailers, Then You Can Choose to Sell Your Designer Handbag at a Notable Pawn Shop in Sydney.

In fact, some specialised pawn stores that engage in buying expensive items like gold coins, diamonds, silver jewellery, and designer handbags/purses will happily provide you with instant cash loads in little over 5-6 minutes!

The best part of selling at pawn shops is that you will get cash in hand without any compensation cuts or middle man involvements.

The Process Is Very Simple –

  • You bring your designer bag to the pawn shop
  • The pawn shopkeeper inspects your designer handbag to determine its actual value
  • If you agree to the offer, then the shop will hand you the cash instantly as a form of loan
  • The designer bag will stay with the pawn shop for the length of the pawn broking contract. Usually, it is 6-months, but then it may vary from one pawn shop to another
  • Once you have the cash at your disposal; you can head over to the pawn shop, pay off the loan and redeem your item

Some extra rules may also apply depending on the chosen pawn shop. However, one universal rule which you must keep in mind is that these pawn shops tend to charge a hefty rate of interest. And the longer you delay, the higher the interest goes.

So, in answer to the question –where to sell my designer bag; the ideal choice should be at a reputed and licensed pawn store near you.