4 Ways to Promote Ongoing Online Training in Your Organization

Employees are an important asset in your organization. That’s why it’s critical that you offer them access to online tools like True Office Learning’s eLearning Software and other resources they’ll need to attain success. To help perfect their skills, employees must receive ongoing online training. This also helps them learn more about the company’s latest products, and refresh their work-related tasks. Plus without ongoing online training, employee satisfaction and retention rates will plummet. Here are 5 ways that will help you promote an effective online learning culture while fostering professional development throughout the organization.

Host Open House Training

It’s easy for employees to take advantage of different opportunities provided they know what’s on offer. Set up the lunch area or conference room with samples of True Office Learning compliance training materials. Alternatively, hang some posters or have a compliance training video running behind the scenes. Also, consider having some internal experts available to answer questions that relate to training topics.

Create a Corporate Online Training Newsletter

Start a monthly eLearning corporate newsletter that offers tricks, tips, and corporate online training updates. For each edition talk about a specific topic or highlight different online training courses offered. For instance, you can have the January newsletter talk about safety and health compliance in the workplace.  Here you can have an important tasks section, along with benefits of compliance eLearning and even an FAQ section. Use a compelling headline and a brief introduction to the topics you’ll cover to grab your co-workers’ attention. To make the newsletter more engaging, use multimedia links, images, and bold colors. And to save time use a template and make sure that each edition is brand-centered and cohesive.

Welcome Feedback

Your employees want to be heard, and they must know that their ideas and thoughts do matter. That’s why you should consider converting your employees’ feedback into achievable goals. Any feedback for corporate eLearning offers you a rare opportunity to gain their perspective and discover areas that need improvement without being biased. Invite your team members to take social media polls, complete surveys, and conduct focus groups. In doing so, you’ll welcome their input which can help improve engagement and motivation which can also build more buzz for your organization’s eLearning course.

Start Online Discussions on your Corporate training Forum

You can use online forums to promote your corporate eLearning among employees. The trick is to initiate lively online debates and discussions revolving around the online training topics. You could, for instance, post prompts, ask questions, and invite team members to voice their opinions. Also, make it conducive for employees to feel comfortable sharing their ideas and collaborate with colleagues. Consider inviting industry experts to hold Q&A sessions on the forum.

Ultimately, promoting ongoing online corporate training might require more time and resources. But this will lead to a huge increase in employee participation and engagements. Use these four tips to help get your employees eager to take part in the eLearning process so they can be productive team members.