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5 Questions you need to ask a Recruitment Agency

As a growing business, finding the right people to help you achieve your objectives can be tricky. Hence, it’s no surprise that a large number of companies opt for recruitment agencies to find the appropriate candidates.

But with an array of staffing agencies to select from, it gets tricky choosing the correct one. Moreover, if you have never worked with a recruitment agency before, dealing with them can be difficult. So to make things easier, here are the five questions you should ask them.

How do you Source and Vet Top Talent?

It is a good question to ask as the answer would highlight the recruitment agency’s work procedures. Ask the recruiter whether they have a screening process and what does it involve. Do they conduct background checks frequently?

How will they verify the qualifications of the applicants and skills? The answers to the questions would depict the agency’s willingness to work with you.

How do you Support the Workers?

Always refrain from consulting those recruiters who refuse to support the employees they hire. The best staffing agencies always interact with the recruits to ensure that they settle into their new surroundings. In simple words, they should be an integral part of the recruiting process.

How many Applicants are listed in your Database?

The recruitment agency should maintain a versatile list of candidates to offer you the best employees. So the agency should have a large number of candidates to help you hire the best employee.

Does the Recruiter abide by Clear Equality and Diversity Policy?

The recruiter should be fully inclusive and abide by all legal requirements related to hiring.

Will the Consultant visit your Site?

The answer to this question would depict how serious the recruiter is in hiring employees on your company’s behalf.

So these are some of the questions you should ask a recruitment agency while opting for their services.