5 Reasons Why Newton is Your Key to Sales Promotions

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Businesses are aware of how it is essential to prioritize customers’ needs and demands to exceed their expectations for their increasing satisfaction level. People engaged in marketing in an organization are continuously looking out for customer purchasing decisions to ensure they meet their needs and wants.  

Hence, they give great effort in sales promotion activities to create and maintain long-term relationships with customers and ensure profitability. However, it is challenging to gain customers and retain existing ones due to the increased competition of businesses, especially in today’s current conditions. 

The increasing competition among various businesses stresses the need to have a competitive advantage by standing out among competitors. However, it cannot be easy considering the diverse sales promotion and marketing strategies implemented on various products. 

In that case, businesses can set themselves apart from other competitors by employing SOLUM Newton for sales promotions, which offers electronic shelf labels empowered by the all-new Newton system.

The digital price display replaces the traditional paper price tags. While both have the primary purpose of displaying a product’s price, modern electronic shelf labels can provide more product information. It has features that go beyond product labeling and mere price tags.

As opposed to the traditional product labels, it can optimize productivity by eliminating the need to change prices manually, particularly for retailers with hundreds and thousands of products to update. It can also result in additional costs for replacing product labels with plastic and paper products, which the whole world needs a lot less of, as it contributes to more waste. 

Furthermore, many warehouse operations still use inefficient manual systems for warehouses, especially labeling their bins, racks, and warehouse shelf labels for their products. 

It is a useful tool that businesses should use to promote efficient locating products, particularly with companies with multiple inventories. 

Read this infographic by SOLUM and learn why Newton is your new key to sales promotion and more information about electronic shelf labels’ benefits.

5 Reasons Why Newton is Your Key to Sales Promotions