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CNC Milling Versus Manual Milling Machine In Manufacturing Industry

In the manufacturing industry, different areas are highly dependent on machining. Whether you are taking into consideration beginning a business of machining or seeking out to have some components for the very next project as produced, you require to make a decision whether you’re going for manual machining or CNC milling machine (เครื่อง milling CNC, which is a term in Thai).

Although CNC milling has shadowed manual milling with some advanced technology & broader applications, however manual milling still has a vital place in the machining world. Both kinds of machining can get used in various applications in a diverse range of fields such as dental, medical, construction, automotive, aerospace, metalwork, and agriculture among all other people. 

Pros Of Using Cnc Milling

It is an advanced form of manual milling and as it is expected, it proffers a wide range of pros for machining business as well as the customers that outsource all components of the production. 

  • CNC milling machine is too precise and able to reproduce a lot of components with the same level of thickness as well as measurements. They depend on automotive machines that eliminate errors made by the human.
  • If you’re seeking out the high level of production with ample pieces needed in a short time, CNC machines can manage all large production and also, scalable for a growing business that is thriving too rapidly. 
  • There is less need for labor as human intervention is required only for manual milling. No particular skills and experience are required at all to use this machining type. 
  • Uniformity is another advantage of such machining and it can produce some identical products again and again. With the help of CNC machining, the dimensions are all same in the components when it comes to deepest measurements. 

Pros Of Using Manual Machining

CNC milling machine is the preferable methods all the times but manual one has some benefits as given below: 

  • The manual machines are low in price and do not need any space or components to run which makes it an advisable choice.
  • There is no programming required for manual ones. 
  • The run time is too short for manual milling. 
  • It is a huge back-up plan if CNC machining comes up with some errors. 

The Bottom Line 

In a nutshell, CNC milling is the golden choice ever and a better choice for large-scale projects and it is filled with consistency. But if the volume is limited or low, then manual milling is good.