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Gen Z and Millennials Media Consumption

Gen Z and Millennials have really similar habits for consuming information, but there are significant variations. Generally speaking, and this probably goes without saying, both generations rely massively on online sources for news, entertainment and even socializing. No newspapers or CD collections. Parties and events — well, these days, videoconferencing and online events have taken center stage as never before.

These online-heavy media consumption trends are important for marketers to follow because these behaviors affect not only the way media should concentrate their communication efforts, but to a great degree the style and content of the message.

The infographic below, Millennials vs. Gen Z — Media Consumption Habits, provides a number of statistics and insights that advertisers and marketers will find useful, and members of both generations will find interesting.

An important thing to take away from the graphic is the popularity of video media in both generations. While Millennials appreciate video to a very great extent, they are still comfortable consuming textual information. But for Gen Z however, video is a way of life for many. Since video has built itself as a leading format for online news and entertainment, and one that is almost certain to continue growing in popularity, marketing executives should be examining their marketing budgets carefully. How much money is being given to video creation and furthermore creation?