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Mombasa: Gateway To Africa

Mombasa had been a great trading hub in Kenya for a millennium, connecting global sea-borne trade with inland Africa.

The Mombasa port remains the gateway to East African countries, serving a growing hinterland comprising Rwanda, Northern Tanzania, Somalia, Ethiopia, Eastern DRC, South Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, and Burundi.

With a direct connection to more than 33 shipping lines and 80 seaports globally, the port of Mombasa plays an important role when it comes to export and import transport.

What To See

Mombasa, the second biggest city after Nairobi, provides travelers with an exotic and great taste of the African tropics steeped in many centuries of maritime history.

This tourist hub is basically inland connected by ferries and bridges. The city’s beach resorts stretch for several miles along its mainland to the south and north and preside over many palm-studded strands that have shimmering coral reef fringes.

Tourists from different continents, including Europe, flock to bask on sun-splashed shores and see dolphins on traditional shows.

Animal lovers and bird fanatics should go to Haller Park. This park gained its worldwide fame back in 2004 when a 130-year old tortoise adopted an orphaned hippo.

It is also home to waterbucks, hippos, giraffes, zebras, and cape buffaloes. While watching out for monkeys, peek at sunbathing crocodiles and feed giraffes. Apart from wild animals, you can also go to the Mombasa Marine National Park to see:




Where to Stay

Mombasa features the best hotels in Kenya. For instance, the Funzi Keys Resort situated near the coast is great for anyone looking for barefoot luxury. It features around eight private bungalows and provides different activities, like fishing, kayaking, and diving.

It is also a perfect place if you want to enjoy beautiful sunsets and be near to nature while having dinner.

Diani Reef Beach Resort and Spa is also a great hotel, especially for individuals who want luxury to pamper and surround them.

It features approximately 140 decorated rooms with modern designs, which blend properly with African natural sceneries.

What To Do

Mombasa provides tourists and visitors an opportunity to experience its coral reefs, seafood, sand beaches, maritime traditions, and architectural wonders.

There is a lot to do, including visiting the old town. If you are looking to know about how Portuguese traders lived at the time, you must pay the old town in Mombasa a visit.

Old buildings and their designs with rare designs and cool balconies will amaze you.

However, Portuguese architecture is not the only building design prevalent in this old town. Asians, Europeans, and Arabs also occupied the town, leaving their mosques and houses behind.

Before leaving, crown your day by paying a visit to one of the souvenir stores to purchase fragrant oils or antiques for friends or loved ones. Other than visiting the old town, you can also:

  • Walk along nature trails
  • Ride on ferries
  • Catch a ride on Tuk-Tuk

Final Thoughts!

Mombasa is a city filled with exciting places and diverse cultures. The tropical and scenic ambiance of this city lures many tourists to visit it before leaving Kenya.

Shazmeer Jiwan suggests that if you are planning your next trip to Kenya, be sure to include Mombasa at the top of your to-do list, as there are many mind-blowing things to see and do.