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The importance of appointing Singapore corporate secretary


Every person dreams for a profitable successful business. Where, the fact can’t be denied that the success rates of the business depend upon the four major stakeholders that act as a foundation of the foreigner incorporate company in SingaporeWhile, the four major stakeholders are: shareholders, directors, auditors and the corporate secretary. All the four stakeholders play an essential role in the delivery of the profitable business growth.

If you are a person who is hoping to set up a foreigner incorporate company in Singapore, then undoubtedly the best corporate secretary acts as a blessing for your organization. In Singapore, hiring the corporate secretary is one vital requirement under the companies act. 

Now, the question arises why the corporate secretary acts as a legal requirement? 

When we talk about the importance of corporate secretary, then we can’t deny the fact that according to the Singapore companies acts all the companies in Singapore need to appoint the best qualified corporate secretary within the six months of the gap. Apart from that, the corporate secretary must have a permanent Singapore residence. 

Apart from being a basic requirement, the corporate secretary needs to fulfil some duties. The roles and duties of the corporate secretary are further divided into two categories. Let’s discuss these categories in detail:

  1. Business and operational duties- a corporate secretary acts as a major link between the directors and the employees. They are known for their vast duties like setting up the meetings, gathering information about the company and the employees etc. 
  2. Legal and financial responsibilities- it won’t be wrong saying that the corporate secretary is one of the major pillars of the healthy business. The corporate secretary is one person who manages all the insurance covers of the company and also prepares the files for all the account statements. While, when we talk about the legal and financial responsibilities, then undoubtedly corporate secretary, are the one who assures that the company follows all the rules and regulations set by the Singapore companies act.

These are the two major duties that the corporate secretary needs to perform for the company. While for the success of a business the owner needs to undergo through the thousands of important tasks, where appointing the finest corporate secretary for the organization plays one major role. Thus, in this situation, heysara plays a major role and helps in decreasing your burden by providing the finest corporate secretary services.  

Give your dream of a successful business a chance, and grab the facilities of heysara for your foreigner incorporate company in Singapore and assure yourself with the best-guaranteed business growth.