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Amazing Social Media Marketing Ideas, Strategies & Tips

Australia is a sizable market that heavily utilizes digital marketing. An important majority—about 90%—of Australian marketers utilize social media for marketing. Knowing the generation Z and Millennials‘ preferences about the internet, you can only assume the importance of it for media campaigns. Anyone who runs an internet business has to employ digital marketing since it is effective and inexpensive. We’re here to share some of the most incredible digital marketing advice with you so you can create successful campaigns with excellent conversion rates, more leads, and faster brand growth.

Use Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are pretty common, however, many people still avoid them to spare money. Think of them as a good investment, since they will bring leads to your content and everything eventually should pay off.

Furthermore, running those ads to content has another benefit. It’s just more natural on the Facebook feed of a regular user. People are sometimes repelled by ads that seem too pushy or they consider irrelevant. Ads to content will seem much more natural and relevant, so you will be able to gain some new subscribers and possibly clients.

Run a social media contest

You can use Facebook, Instagram, or even TikTok for this. The first two can be used for photos or reels respectively, while TikTok is a good option for a “best video” contest.

Events like this are great to boost the engagement level with your followers or to gain new followers as well. All that leads to gaining new leads, which is the point of doing your marketing strategies in the first place. There are tools like Wishpond that can help you run the social media contest, for example on Facebook, and also make it easier for the participants to upload photos.

Run a social media live campaign

While a photo or a video contest is a great engagement idea, a live campaign is similar, but it’s on another level of engagement. This is an opportunity to engage face-to-face with your followers and answer their questions or just to chit-chat with them and connect.

Additionally, if your brand is about to announce some changes or a new line, you can make a pre-announcement on a live campaign with your most loyal fans and make them feel special.

Use the “tag a friend option” for marketing

How many times have you seen people tagging their friends on social media posts? While we use some more sophisticated marketing tools, mouth-to-mouth marketing is still there. Posting something funny, like a word game or anything related to your brand and the lifestyle and habits of your typical clients, can be a way to invite them to tag their friends who they identify with the post.

This little marketing trick is good because it’s not too “in your face” and it feels natural and funny, so the brand awareness will spread in a nonintrusive way for your followers.

Offer some benefits for your followers

Your followers and subscribers will feel much luckier to be there if you offer some particular benefits. It doesn’t have to be something very expensive, because any detail to show you care for them will have a good effect.

By offering deals or coupons on your page, you may increase the number of followers you have while maintaining the interest of your present fans in your business.

Your regular material may be engaging, but eventually, consumers become tired of it and search for more intriguing information. Facebook discounts may boost social interaction and convert inactive Facebook fans into leads and consumers. Additionally, customers may tell their friends about the deal, increasing the number of people who are aware of you.

Take care of your customers’ concerns

Don’t look at your customers or followers just like people who you can make a profit from. To further enhance your brand and retain supporters for a long time, establish and maintain relationships with your consumers.

Facebook is a well-liked platform for customers to air their grievances and share them with the entire community. Show your compassion for your clients by responding to their Facebook complaints and issues. Avoid being confrontational or passive-aggressive; instead, listen to them and find solutions to their concerns, and you’ll discover how you may make a negative experience pleasant.

Be consistent on Twitter

Twitter is made for the short and witty type of messages so, you have to be consistent and tweet all the time to be interesting to your followers. It doesn’t mean you have to write something 24/7, but make sure you have enough interesting content in the right format to make your followers stay focused on you and not others.

Additionally, it demonstrates your engagement on the site and makes it simple for you to distribute your material over time without experiencing moments of content saturation.

Make sure you take into consideration all the relevant Twitter metrics, such as top tweets, top mentions, engagement rate, and others. Find the right SEO agency in Sydney to do all the metrics for you and give you the best results.

Make your content relevant to your account

Locate material with a history of involvement. Search for the material your audience would like using terms related to your business or product, then share the most popular articles. To do this, you must first understand your fans and determine the types of information they would find interesting and relevant. You may do the same and create relevant content at any moment thanks to several programs that have measurements that can determine the most interesting posts for each keyword.

Create a partnership with an Instagram influencer

In particular, Instagram is ideal for collaborations with influencers in the fashion, culinary, and lifestyle industries. One of the finest methods to promote your brand and product to new prospective customers is to collaborate with an influencer who has a sizable following in your target market. To encourage them to express their opinions with their followers, get in touch with influencers, and provide items to those who are interested. Offer the greatest goods possible, and make the partnership an enjoyable experience.

Additionally, don’t forget the micro-influencers because their partnership can be very valuable as well.

These 9 tips and tricks for better social media engagement and successful campaigns can help you boost your brand awareness and gain more and more leads and subscribers. This will make your potential client base even larger. Make sure you are always creative and listen to your followers’ needs because they dictate what kind of strategy and content you need to place. Don’t hesitate to hire professionals from digital marketing agencies to make the results even better.